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Having a great landing page is very crucial to the success of your online advertising. Although, many people have great looking websites, however the landing pages usually fall below the recommendation.
There are a couple of important things you need to consider while building a landing page for your online advertising campaign. While most advertising network pay little attention to the design of the landing page, Google pay major attention to the design, the content, the speed and the navigation of the pages.

In this short article, i will highlight some great points that can help you build a better landing page for your campaign.

Landing Page Categories
Every landing page usually falls in one of the two categories;
1. General landing page, and
2. Specific landing page.

Brief explanation
The general landing page usually have all the details of your business, and it is usually the homepage of your website. Let’s say your company offers WEB DESIGN, WEB DEVELOPMENT, GRAPHICS DESIGN, CONTENT MARKETING, and MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT, your homepage could have information about all of these services. In this case, the homepage is serving as the general landing page, because it has all the information about your business and the company. Another example of general landing page is eCommerce website. Let’s say your eCommerce website lists pretty much everything in the home decor niche, the page that has mixture of every products could be the general landing page.

When Is General Landing Page Useful?
The general landing page is useful if your campaign is targeted at people looking for general information or those looking to make comparison.

The Specific Landing Page
This type of landing page is specifically designed for a single product or service. Let’s say your company offers online advertising solutions, and Google AdWords is part of your services, the page designed specifically for Google AdWords is the specific landing page. Such pages should contain information exclusively about the product or service.

When is Specific Landing Page Useful?
The specific landing page is extremely useful if you’re promoting a specific product or service. The landing page tells the visitors that you actually know what they’re looking to get.

How Does Landing Page Affects AdWords?
The landing page affects AdWords campaigns in many ways:
1. It can reduce or increase the users’ landing page experience.
2. It can affect the keywords quality score
3. It can affect the average CPC of the ads, etc.

How To Design a Great Landing Page (Specific Landing Page)
I have decided to create this short guide to help my clients design great landing page for their AdWords campaigns.
Here are some important information you should add to the new landing page to make it really awesome, informative and engaging…

1. Brief information about the product or service in question.

This is likely to be the first thing a user would see when they visit your landing page. So, make sure you provide information that is relevant to the product/service. The information should be good enough to capture the attention of the user. If you have related image that can capture the attention of the user and tell more story about your service, you can add it to the right, left or just below the content.

2. Your process (mostly for services).

Let’s say your company repair computer and mobile phones, your process could be how…visit our store, speak with our engineers, agree on the price, wait for few hours while we fix your device. Here’s another example for the same company (computer and phone repair). “got a locked phone? getting too busy to visit our store? call us. We’ll pick it up, get it unlocked and delivered to you in three days. simple as blinking the eyes!
You can place a small image of your cleaned carpet either on the right/left side or just below this section.

3. Your great offers

E.g Bring 3 locked devices and get one unlocked for free. This is really the best offer around. Everyone likes free offer. If you have some great offers or added benefits, kindly add it to this section.

4. Why people prefer your business.

You need to let the user know why they would like to do business with you. This is very important because it will further convince the users that you’re eligible to help solve their problems. E.g “we’ll pick up your locked phone even when you’re damn too busy. We’ll never bill you way beyond your budget. We offer free shipping for all local clients, etc.”

5. What people are saying about your business (ONLY THE POSITIVE).

These could be some reviews from Yelp, Tripadvisor, Google plus and similar review sites. However, don’t deceive people with fake reviews.

I guess this guideline will solve the problem.


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