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This article “how to create a website in Nigeria” will show you some of the easy and cheap ways to create a website in Nigeria without needing to learn web design. Of course, this will not give you the best, but if you can devote your time to learn the tricks and other advanced tips, you’ll be able to create a beautiful website for yourself.

There are different ways to build a website, however some of the most popular methods are:

  • Google Blogger and
  • WordPress

The two methods highlighted above are the easiest ways to build a website. In fact, you can build your own website on those platforms without spending a dime. Yes, you can create your blogger blog or WordPress blog without spending any money. These free blog platforms offer great opportunities for people who are looking to build a simple and easy to maintain blogs.

Some of the popular bloggers in Nigeria also start with the free version of these platforms. Linda Ikeji is one of the popular bloggers that make millions of Naira using the free Google blogger.

If you want to create a free website using these platforms, you need to learn some basic things either by reading articles online or watching videos on YouTube. I personally recommend for you to watch videos on YouTube so that you can understand how things work. Now let’s discuss how to create a website using the two platforms.

How to create a website with Google blogger

Google’s blogger is a platform that allows users to create a free blog without purchasing a domain or hosting account. If you want to create your free blog with blogger, you need to visit and register your new website. The process is simple. All what you need to do is to follow the instructions and complete each step. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to share the steps. However, if you’re having issues setting up your free Google blog, kindly go to YouTube and watch some video tutorials. After setting up your blog, the address will look like The shows that you are using the Google free website platform. However, if you want to remove the and make your website look like, you need to pay some money to upgrade. Of course, you can do it by yourself or hire someone to help you with the upgrade.

How to create a website with WordPress

WordPress is another great platform to build a free website. After using Google blogger for more than 22 months, I switched over to WordPress and I have been enjoying it. The process of building website with WordPress is quite similar to that of Blogger. You can also watch video tutorials on YouTube to learn the basics. Like blogger, you can as well upgrade your website on WordPress to remove the in front of your chosen name.

Create website on your own

Another option is to buy your domain name and a hosting account. With this method, you can create your website and customize it without limitations. Unfortunately, this method is not for amateur, you’ve got to learn about web design and development before you can do this.

Which is the best among the methods?

The best method is the last one. When you create your website without using free platform, you’ll have full control and be able to modify any part of the website. You will also have rest of mind because you won’t have anything to worry about as regards their privacy policy. Don’t get me wrong, your hosting provider also has privacy policy, which you must respect.

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