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A cheap website design in Nigeria is possible; however you need to know what exactly you’re getting for the amount you paid. Cheap website doesn’t really mean you’re getting poor design. Depending on the developer, you can get a fully functional website for #25,000 or less.

All websites are not the same; hence you need to know what you want and what other professionals charge to build such website. If you’re looking to build a complex website that processes different tasks such as ecommerce, membership, files upload and download, live analytics, and so on, you need to increase your budget so that you can get a professional website.

Ideally, you can build a portfolio website with just #25,000. Note that this charge is different from the amount you’ll pay to purchase your domain name and hosting account. If you’re lucky, you can get a domain name for just $1. Depending on the website developer, the total cost for building a website may vary.

Another thing you need to consider is the website content. If you don’t have the content ready, be prepared to add some funds so that the developer can outsource quality content for your site. Every website needs quality contents that will make it look great.

Another important thing you need to consider is social media presence and search engine optimization. If the developer offers to include social media profile and search engine optimization in the package, the cost may be a little bit higher. But honestly, it is worth it to pay more if the developer offers more value.

Here at Ojasweb, we offer great services at the cheapest rate. You can build a standard portfolio website for just #25,000. Like I said in the previous paragraphs, the price depends on the complexity of the website. If your request needs some premium tools, then you’ll need to pay more.

Finally, the cost of building a website is different from the cost of maintaining it. If you would need a service of a web developer to maintain and update your website, you definitely will need to pay some monthly fees.

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