You can make money online with 1000 Naira as your startup capital. What you’re about to read in this article is the exact method i used to make my first million Naira online. It is still the same method that earn me over 8 million Naira in 2017, and you too can start making it big after reading this post. However you must be ready to do the hard-work and dedicate yourself to the core. It will definitely be somehow tough at the beginning. Making money online is not easy, however you don’t have to have millions in your account before you can start making legitimate money online. With your 1000 Naira startup capital, you’ll be able to get online and start with the little things you could do to earn your first income online. In the next few paragraphs i will explain some proven steps and how you can start today.

What you need to do with the 1000 Naira

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be looking for how to make money online with 1000 Naira if you have more than that in your bank account. So, to help you get started without having to worry about your startup, i’ll guide you on how to do most the required things without having to pay. Before you dive into the business, you’d want to use your 1000 Naira to subscribe for mobile data so that you can access the internet facilities. With 1000 Naira, you should be able to purchase data so that you can browse and do some things. Next…

You’d want to learn

Learning the right things at the right time can help you succeed online without having to waste your time trying different things. In order to help you start your learning process, you need to identify your interest and focus on what you can do. At this point, you need to be very careful not to jump on everything that the experienced marketers push across to you. Focus on learning and build on your interest. If your interest is graphics design, make sure you focus on it and learn to use the popular graphics tool so that you can work with them.

Where to learn?

There are two major places for you to learn pretty much everything that you’d like to know about – Google and YouTube. Make these websites your favorite place to look for information, and learn as much as you can. However, in order for you not to burn your “limited” data very fast, avoid watching too much of videos. Concentrate on reading some articles online. You might also want to download some PDF files just so you can read them when you’re not connected. Remember to economize your data so that you won’t exhaust it on learning. While learning, remember to conduct research so that you can know more about what people are looking for. Of course, you’d want to learn to solve people’s problem and not just the common things that everyone teaches. For instance, if you’re developing yourself in the graphics design niche, learn things that will help you master different aspects of design. Once you’ve acquired some skills, practice with different projects and let people review your work.

Join freelance websites

there are many freelance websites that you can join and start selling your skills to people who seriously need them. The most popular ones are:

  •, and several others.

Important! Before you join any of the platform, make sure you learn about them and understand how they work. If you’d like to work on Fiverr, which i strongly recommend, make sure you learn about the platform and understand the way it works. I have published several articles on Fiverr, and you can read them here. Once you understand how the platforms work, create your account and setup your services. Read my articles to learn more about Fiverr and how you can start setting your services.

So far, you shouldn’t be spending any money other than the 1000 Naira you use for data subscription. At this point, you can start using different features on the freelance platforms to look for clients. as soon as you start getting clients, you will start making money on each project you complete. While the whole process looks simple, it is not that easy in reality. So, for you to get clients and make sales, you need to understand the platforms very well and offer something that you can do. Once again, read my articles about Fiverr and learn to offer your services to those who need it.

If you need further help on how you can join Fiverr and start selling your services, kindly comment on this post or use the contact form to reach me. I hope the short guide help you start in a positive way. Enjoy!