I understand that you’re looking for targeted traffic on Fiverr. Have you ever visited the ‘Web Traffic’ page on Fiverr? – Did you notice the huge number of sellers, offering to provide web traffic? Some offer “unlimited traffic” some, “targeted traffic” while others offer a particular number of traffic such as 1000, 5000, etc. Take a look at the image below and see what the seller is offering for a whooping $5. This is ridiculous. But he’s a top rated seller on Fiverr, and the gig has 100 orders in queue. How on earth is he delivering real human traffic at that rate? Well, the buyers know what they are getting from it.


You might be tempted to purchase this particular gig for your website, but wait. What goals would you like to achieve? If you’re looking to boost your Alexa rankings, fine, go ahead and purchase the gig. However, if you’re looking to get real people to buy your products, you need to think twice and find out from the seller before placing your order.

Fiverr.com, being one of the foremost freelance service sites in the world, is a beehive for both freelancers, who are offering variations of services and buyers, seeking quality, affordable services.

These services provided on Fiverr range from writing, graphic designing, seo etc. but the “web traffic” sub category is popular for the number of visitors and actual buyers it draws to Fiverr every single.

Among the many sellers offering this service, are those who are not quite skilled or experienced in providing services in this niche and therefore make a mess of the whole thing.

“Targeted traffic” in general, if done in a legit and “white hat” way, is a quality type of traffic that is sent directly to the buyer’s website or landing page from a particular country, region, or niche, thereby ensuring that the owner gets maximum sales. This quality makes it a rather expensive service.


On Fiverr however, one can only wonder the possibility of providing this expensive service as it should be, especially at the meagre price of $5. Buyers should be wary of the type of service or how the seller intends to deliver on their offer. While this remains the biggest question about targeted traffic delivery, it is worth to consider the following criteria before parting with your money:

  1. The quality of the traffic the seller intends to provide – this is where the real value is: Traffic with poor optimization does not give desired results neither does it qualify as a targeted traffic.
  1. The source of the traffic: this is very crucial as traffic drawn via open space platforms does not provide any more than just visits. They cannot be relied upon or yield any sales. Therefore, when you get too excited about “targeted Traffic,” ensure that you’ll be getting value for your money.
  1. The nature of the traffic: traffic from entertainment sites cannot be productive to a physical fitness site, neither can ones from an internet marketing site yield impressive result for a food recipe website.

These and some others serve as factors that must be put into consideration before the deal is sealed. This is not say to that there are no genuine sellers who know what they are doing on Fiverr, no, there are many of them who are there, providing quality services. And as for the “targeted traffic” gigs, make sure that the traffic is what it should be – “targeted” and genuine.