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The effectiveness of your Google AdWords ads depends on the quality the keywords. To be more clearer; AdWords is an online advertising platform owned by Google whose strategy is hidden in the use of keywords to make your advert visible to online surfers.

By your advert being visible to online surfers, I mean that when people type in words related to your advert on Google, your advert comes up and because it is relevant to them, they click on them – and if they are impressed enough, they pay for your product or service. This way, you make money.

Note that as at the point of setting up your Google advertising campaign, you must have to input the keywords that are related to your product or service and by which potential customers are going to find you. For instance, you can’t be advertising a school and then use “durable,” “strong,” or “fairly used,” as keywords for a school. Those keywords will suit more appropriately for electronics. So it is critical that you use the right words for your product to make it seen by those who need it.

In Nigeria, a lot of people are joining the online business – therefore many Nigerian owned websites are springing up on the internet every day. The survival of these sites online depends on their attitude towards advertising, their expertise in Google advertising and a whole lot of other factors.

But then, when you choose Google as your Advertising platform, you must use the right keywords to make your investment worth it. Bad keywords have a lot of consequences that you wouldn’t wish on yourself:

Firstly, your advert will not be seen by the people who need it. Since Google works with keywords, potential customers on Google, will use the keywords that should describe your product in their search but your product will not appear because the keywords you used for your Google advertising were not used in the search.

Secondly, your advert will appear to those who don’t need it or who are not searching for it.

Thirdly, your entire investment in Google advertising, will be a total waste since it will not bring you returns. You will not make sales or at least, expected volume of sales because you used bad keywords for your product.

The important question here is, “How can one avoid the use of bad keywords for Google advertising in Nigeria?”

We will address this issue in the following lines and paragraphs – and give you tips on how to avoid bad keywords for your Google advertising.

  1. Proper knowledge of your product or service

There is no doubt that knowing your product or service well, is the first step towards choosing the right keywords for it. Knowing the features of your product, what it offers, how it is used, helps you in choosing what relevant keywords that can make it sell. So before your advert goes live, find out these facts about your product and I bet you, that you’ve broken down a normally tedious process in keyword research.

  1. Make your keyword research properly to ensure you outshine your competition

Google advertising in Nigeria

Knowing that there are others who are also selling your product or offering your service online, makes it necessary that you take your Google advertising campaign very seriously. In a country like Nigeria, where the internet marketing community is growing by the day, your advert will get lost in the myriads of like-adverts on the internet if you fail to consider your competition. Get a professional keyword researcher to research on your niche and come up with the best keywords that are working for your product. There are so many of them who work as freelancers on Fiverr and will deliver you a good job.

These two tips will set you well on your way to avoid bad keywords for your adverts, bring you the right customers and keep your product selling. Do you have a product you want to advertise on Google? Get on it right away, your customers are waiting!

For a professional help in setting up your AdWords campaign and managing your advertisement profitably, contact Ojasweb Digital Solution at info@ojasweb.com