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This infographic presents the Google search trend for “advertise on Facebook” in 2017, between Jan and July. Search trends help you understand the market and what people are actually looking for. This research gives you the ideal target for your advertising. See tips and breakdown below the image.

Ojasweb Research Infographics


  1. The search keyword is “Advertise on Facebook”.
  2. Time frame is Jan – July, 2017.
  3. Data was gotten from Google research tools.

Tips for using the search data

  1. The research data shows that Lagos and Abuja are the cities with the highest number of searches. With this, you can better target your advertising to reach people in these regions.
  2. According to the research data, mobile devices leads in the number of searches. This implies that the most customers are mobile phone users. You can better target your ads to reach more people on mobile phones and avoid wasting your budget on other devices.