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Event planning business is one of the lucrative businesses that can never go obsolete. It is undoubtedly one of the most sustainable businesses in  the world. Nowadays that it becomes really difficult for individuals to plan a successful event without the help of a professional event planner, many people have developed interest in the business, which creates a competitive atmosphere for everyone, both the new and existing businesses.

Since everyone wants a prolific business, running adverts is definitely one of the best ways to get more clients and survive the competition. However, that’s not all that you can do,  there are other great methods to promote your event planning business as would be discussed in the next couple of paragraphs.

Here are 5 ways you can consider to advertise your event planning business in Nigeria:

  1.    By Networking: in order for you to be able to have and develop a strong client base, it is important that you make good use of your network. Your network will definitely determine your net worth. For most event planners, networking is at the top of their advert strategy. One major way to network is to have and build a growing relationship with hotels, event centers, caterers, event decorators amongst others; this is mainly because you cannot do without their services. Another way to make good use of your network is to ensure that the people around you and those you meet daily are aware of what you do. If they know this, they could either ask for your services or refer a friend to you who you can then deliver your service to.
  2.   Pay per click advertising: you can’t underestimate the power of Pacific advertising when it comes to getting more people to know about your business and become your customer.

Running a package campaign in Google and other pictures advertising companies can help you stay ahead of the competition and get more people to patronize you.

  1. Effective Branding: Another effective advertisement method is to have a good business brand. To get people to know you and require your services, you need to put yourself and your business out there as much as possible. You can either work on the branding of the company by yourself or you outsource it to a professional branding company. Ensure that you invest in placing an advert on billboards, in magazines and newspapers. You can also place adverts on high traffic blogs and websites.

You can also pick a niche by advertising to high-end clients for corporate event planning. Another way to put your event company out there is by giving discounts to prospective clients. When people see that you are offering certain services at a cheaper rate they tend to be more aware of your presence in the event planning market, they could either patronize immediately or single you out as an event planner they will like to work with in the near future. Furthermore, jingles and adverts on radio stations and TV stations can help boost your client base.

  1.    Periodic Mails and Social media: the advantage of social media on event planning business can never be overemphasized.  In this age, businesses use social media for everything and anything. The use of Facebook, twitter, and Instagram amongst others can help increase your reach and client base within a very short period of time. We are in the internet age where everybody uses internet PCs or internet enabled phones to surf the internet and also to find out what is latest on their social media platforms. Hence, the use of social media as one of the 5 ways to advertise event planning business, serve as the fastest way to reach and inform a large number of people about your event planning business. You can also build your mailing list and send periodic emails and newsletters on event planning and services that your event planning company offers.
  2.    Customer Service: You can spend thousands of dollars on advertising your event planning company but if you have a bad customer service or customer relationship your business will suffer a great deal. Event planning business is a business that deals with experiences; hence if your event planning company renders a poor service especially a poor customer experience you will not get referrals.  Instead, you will get negative reviews from those who have paid for your service at one point or the other, and this will greatly mean a drop in your company growth. The best way to keep your customers satisfied is to keep giving them new ideas. This will increase your customer satisfaction and improve the services you provide. A good way to improve yourself  is to periodically take event planning courses and attend events regularly.


Apart from the great passion you have for event planning, the major purpose of your event planning business is to be able to make profits. If you take good note of the 5 ways to advertise the event planning business, you will have a reason smile to the bank always.