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Are you an online business owner in Nigeria? Have you heard about Google AdWords? Are you wondering what it is and how it can help your business? – or most importantly, how you can manage an effective Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria? This article addresses this particular issue and will expose tips for running an effective Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria.

Firstly, let’s take a peek at what Google AdWords stands for in your business and then, how you can maximize its profit-making potentials to grow your business.

Google has a large influx of traffic to its site and when you sign up for a Google AdWords campaign, you are sure that your ad is going to get the attention it deserves.

Again, with Google AdWords, you can set your advertising budget and monitor how you pay for your ads. Note that Google only charges you when your ad is clicked on or when potential customers call you with the number you provided for your ad. Isn’t that wonderful?

Google AdWords also lets you pause and end your ad campaign at any time without extra costs.

So the big question now is “as an online business owner in Nigeria, how can I run an effective Google AdWords campaign in Nigeria?”

There are so many ways you can maximize what Google offers for your business growth and that’s what this article is about. Read on and find out for yourself:

  1. Know your product/service

Google AdWords is all about strategy. And you can’t benefit from it if you don’t know your product or service. By this, I’m referring to the use of keywords. It is your use of the right keywords for your product that makes it seen by relevant customers – by those who need it. Using keywords such as, “comfort,” “luxury,” and “relaxation” cannot serve for an advert for a secondary school. They are more suitable for a hotel. So for an effective Google AdWord campaign, use the right keywords for your product. It is the first step to success.

  1. Where is your product or service most needed?

Yes, knowing the nature of your product or service helps you determine where it is most needed and it helps you market it more effectively. This means that the nature of your product or service determines who would buy it. For instance, if you’re marketing office room dividers, your ad will be more effective if targeted to cities and not rural areas. Even hotel and fast food services will sell more in certain cities in Nigeria than others. So, it is critical that you study your products or service properly to know the city or location that needs it most and then take it to them.

  1. Let your ad copy be your customer magnet

It is not enough just having the right product for your target city, your ad copy should be strong and convincing enough to draw curiosity out of your potential buyers.

By ad copy here, I mean your advert: the words promoting your product or service which you will submit for your Google AdWords campaign. It is this ad copy that gets you customers. A sloppy advert will not gain attention and even if it did, it will not have the necessary convincing and compelling power on your potential buyers. So in order that your Google AdWords campaign be effective, you need be take this tip seriously and craft a powerful ad copy as it is your first impression with your potential customers. If it is not bold and convincing enough, they will never click on it and consequently, will never buy your product

  1. Ensure that your landing page carries the same tone as your ad copy if not more

Most times, the entire effort of putting up your campaign can be put to waste with a poorly written sales copy. Your landing page should be able to maintain the integrity of the baton passed to it from your ad copy. Could you imagine a case where you have set up your ad campaign, done all background checks on it and is already having a large influx of clicks on your ad only to have your buyers’ interest nose dive, the moment they arrive on your landing page? That would be a shame. You can avoid this by making sure that the enthusiasm of your buyers is maintained or even heightened by the power of your sales copy. With your call-to-action, the active tone of your sales copy and even your phone number which you should provide on your sales copy, your buyers gain confidence in your product and wouldn’t resist buying your product.

  1. Give it your time

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign is like planting a flower and watching it grow. If you have an ad campaign running on Google AdWords, devote your time to monitoring it: finding out which keywords are working; how many impressions, clicks and conversions you are getting; what adjustments you need to make. And to make this easy for you, Google provides you with tracking tools to monitor your progress. You can even pause your ad and tweak it to get more results at no extra costs.

A lot of opportunities and growth await your business when you advertise with Google AdWords. Only apply these tips and reap bountiful results for yourself.

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