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I live and work in Badagry. Maybe that alone is not enough reason to tell you what to do as regards buying of property in the city. However my personal experience, that of friends and a blood brother could be more than enough to sound strong warnings to you. I will tell three short and real experience of people that are so close to me and that of my self in the next few paragraphs.

In 2009, my brother bought two plots of land in one of the new sites, somewhere between Ilado and Imeke, Badagry. After two years, he was having a discussion with one of his friends who happen to be a native of Badagry, and then he got the big shuck; the place tagged new site by the communities is actually a Government reserved area for rice plantation. You should know the end of the story.

In 2016, one of my colleagues bought a plot of land, somewhere around Ibereko, Badagry. I was not notified during the time of purchase. He started working on the project in 2017; triple self contain, and a 2 bedroom flat. The building was raised to the linted level and he decided to raise more money before the continuation of the project. Sadly, in 2018, the Lagos state government demolished all the buildings in the site because the area belongs to the state government. That’s a terrible situation he’s facing at the moment. The people who sold the land are now in exile.

In 2017, i decided to get a plot of land for myself. Of course, not in a hurry. I told a couple of friends and i got some locations. The nicest place i wanted to purchase, somewhere in Aradagun was later investigated to be a state government property. If i had not investigated properly, i would have ended up buying government land.

These are real experiences. You’re getting undilutted information from me and i hope this will help you in your search. No doubt, there are several reasons why people are now choosing to buy property in Badagry. You know many areas of Lagos state are now over populated and expensive. Badagry, seems to be the least expensive and less populated region at the moment.

Badagry is one of the fastest developing areas in Lagos state. It is well known for her strong roles during the slave trade era. Badagry is a nice place to be. There are many remarkable things in the city of Badagry that can keep you entertained and educated. This coastal town is inhabited by the Awori people and the Egun people. No doubt, Badagry also inhabited people from different parts of Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, and Ghana. Before you buy property in Badagry, take note of these things and make sure that you follow the right steps.

The ingenuity of the area

If you’ve not confirm the real owner of the areas you wanted to buy property, i strongly encourage you to do so now. The experiences i shared above are 100% real. Don’t labor early and end up loosing your property to the government. A lot of people have lose their houses to government, road and another family due to their inability to do proper verification before buying. If you’re curious about finding out more about any region in Badagry or about your land, my team will be more than happy to help. You can contact us now.

The distance

Badagry is far from the main Lagos cities such as Festac, Surulere, VI, and so on. If you live and work inside of Lagos, make sure that you have a strong plan before you buy property in Badagry. Traveling from Ikeja to Badagry is equivalent to traveling from Ojota to Ibadan or Ijebu Ode. Apart from the distance, traffic gridlock is one of the major challenges of Badagry people. If you are goinf from Mile 2 area to Badagry, there are about 4 heavy traffics (Trade fair, Iyanoba, Okoko, and Agbara) before you get to Badagry. Some of the reasons for the heavy traffic are due to bad road and poor turning points. For people living in Badagry, going from Badagry to Mile 2 or Ikeja everyday is a serious issue. The normal period to escape traffic for people heading from Badagry to mile 2 is between 11am and 3pm. If you’re heading from Mile 2 to Badagry, the best period to beat the traffic is between 1pm and 3pm.

The area you want to buy property

There are many villages around Badagry, and all of them are described as Badagry. If you’re going from Mile 2 to Badagry, immediately you leave Ijanikin, all the other villages from Agbara down to Badagry town are described as Badagry. If you’re planning to buy property in Badagry, make sure that you know the exact place the property is. For instance, if you buy a property in Oko Afo, it will take you about 20 minutes before you can get to Badagry town. If you’re much interested in areas that are 5 minutes away from Badagry town, places such as Ibereko, Aradagun, Ajido, Muwo, and Ajara are the right choices. I strongly recommend for you to ask for updated information by contact us now

Omonile do existomonile-in-badagry

Many people consider Badagry as the extreme part of Lagos. It is true because the town is so far from the main cities. However, it doesn’t mean that things are done differently. If you’re talking about the “Omoniles”, Badagry is not left out. Some families are very troublesome. If you want to buy property in any of the regions in Badagry, make sure that you find out about the family. Again, try to know if the property belongs to more than one family or even government.

Inspect the place during the raining season

I’m not very sure if you have a canoe that can take you to your doorstep if there’s flood. However, if you don’t have one, make sure you don’t buy property in flooding region. Some areas are subjected to heavy flood. If you visit the area during the dry season, you’ll love it because everywhere would be dry. However, if you want to know the real situation of the place, make sure you inspect it during the raining season.

Get valid information about the property agent

Anyone can pretend to be a property agent. It is very easy because they don’t have strong regulation. Most of them don’t know anywhere in Badagry, yet they claim to be property agents. Some of them shared the best properties on Facebook, yet they don’t know anywhere. If you don’t have the real information about the property agent, please don’t do business with him/her. A serious property agent should have a website or at least a professional Facebook page. If you are not very sure about a listed property, download the image and use “reverse” image search tool to get more information about it. Some fraudulent agents upload images of foreign properties as their completed projects. Don’t fall for such cheap scam. Try to get valid information about the property agent before you do business with him/her.ojasweb-badagry-town

These are some of the things you need to know before buying a property in Badagry. Some of the points are useful for other areas as well. If you’re not very sure about something, or would like to find out more information about the area, make sure you contact someone in that area. I lives in Badagry, and I know how things work in this area. If there’s anything you’d like to know about a particular area in Badagry, or you’re looking for a trusted property agent, use the contact form to reach me or contact me via phone. I am not a property agent, but I can find the best agent for you. contact us now

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