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There are several misconceptions about digital marketing in Nigeria, and most of the misconceptions have created negative impressions on many people. It has affected the way people view online marketing and what exactly is all about. In this short piece, i will highlight five of them.

It is no news that the next big thing in the area of advertising and marketing in Nigeria is Digital Marketing.  This is the promotion of businesses or brands using the online technologies such as email, social media, search engine and video sharing platforms. It is constantly evolving as many businesses today; small, medium and large are now venturing online. However, in Nigeria, there have been myths about this subject which many people have concluded are true. In this article, i will share with you 5 misconceptions about digital marketing in Nigeria.

1.    It is only established for large businesses and not small scale: this is a very big myth that we all should not believe. Just as digital marketing is effective for large businesses, so is it for small businesses. Every business can make use of digital marketing based on their organizational goals and objectives. it is mainly based on what they intend to gain from it. A typical example is when a company uses social media to create a perception of a particular product of the company.

In fact, the most people that benefit from online marketing in Nigeria are the small businesses that cannot afford to invest huge amount of money on traditional advertising such as newspapers, radio and television adverts. If businesses with physical location, i recommend you start with local seo.

2.    It is costly: A lot of individuals today conclude that to have a presence online is expensive. They believe that there is no point of investing in digital marketing because of the high cost associated with maintaining strong online presence. However, this has been proved to be very wrong. There are many affordable marketing plans available in this era of social media and search engine marketing. Some typical examples are facebook, twitter, google, LinkedIn etc.  Today, there are various affordable digital agencies that can help your company design a digital strategy that is unique to your company’s aims and objectives.

You don’t really need to be stupendously rich before you can build a strong online presence for your business. In fact, some of the evolving businesses in Nigeria start just by interacting with users on Twitter and providing answers to peoples’ questions. If you’ve been pulling back because of this misconception, now is the time to take action and build a digital presence for your business.

3.    It is meant for only tech compliant individuals and engineers: many people in Nigeria believe that only engineers and tech compliant individuals can make use of digital marketing. This is absolutely untrue, just like the previous ones. It is a myth. Digital marketing is 100% useful for every business. No matter what your business is, there are thousands of people who are looking for it worldwide. If you are also regular with social media platforms like twitter, facebook Instagram, google etc, then you will be able to do the basic online marketing with little or no training. See our digital marketing training courses.

4.   It is difficult to execute a digital marketing drive: Many business owners in Nigeria today love the idea of using digital marketing for the marketing of their product and services, but they do not execute this because they believe it is a difficult thing to achieve. Most of their excuses are that they do not have the manpower and time to post and follow up with their social platforms. However, with digital marketing, you can still have a huge presence online without learning all the marketing jargon. A company can hire an agency to manage their online presence for them which is affordable and really worth it. They could also pay for online campaigns to increase engagement using different advertising platforms.

5.  A company will get an immediate positive response: just like in every other venture you embark on, digital marketing will take time. Many individuals today still believe that by creating social media profile for their businesses, they will automatically get a huge following. Digital marketing does not work in this manner, it is a gradual process. Research has shown that it will take a minimum of 3 to 4 months to start seeing the results of digital marketing after your investment in it. However, things can change slightly, if you have some backup funds to promote your business online. You can measure your growth by using the available analytical tool.

If you’re one of the people who think that making money online is the simplest thing, chances that you’ll crash in no time are very high. There’s no shortcut to making money online except dedication and hardwork.

If you take good note of the 5 misconceptions about digital marketing in Nigeria, then you will know what to erase from your thoughts on digital marketing, and then invest on ways to use digital marketing to empower your business, reach more customers and sell more products and services.

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