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Advertising is a serious issue for business owners. But in my opinion, it is even a more serious issue for business owners who have an online presence. This is clearly understandable because people can only visit your site if they know about it or if they happen to stumble upon it online. It is clear that web surfers cannot stumble upon invisible sites – therefore your site has to be made available for web surfers to see.

In Nigeria, there has been a lot of websites springing up on the internet daily. That shows that a lot of Nigerians are venturing into online business and this as well, means that the struggle to be visible online has intensified and every determined online business owner must take advertising as a top priority.

Advertising is what tells people who you are and what you do. Through it, potential customers can find out how your service may be of use to them. On that note, our discussion will focus on the best advertising option there is for online business owners in Nigeria.

The first advertising platform that comes to mind is Google – and I will tell you why. In fact, you probably know the reason why that is so. But the sake of this article, I’m going to disclose 4 strong reasons why Google advertising in Nigeria is the best for online business.

  1. Even new born babies in Nigeria know about Google

Now that is clearly an exaggeration but Google is the main search engine Nigerians use. I’m not going to say that it’s the only search engine Nigerians know because that will be highly insulting, but in practicality, an average Nigerian knows and uses Google as if it were the only storehouse for information on the web. It is no doubt, the most popular search engine in Nigeria. So you can imagine what this can do for you as an online business owner in Nigeria. If you maximize this information and position your business to be seen and noticed by the teeming Nigerian traffic that visits Google every day, you sure have made your brand known and will definitely turn in more profit from sales. This is what Google advertising can do for you: it provides you a platform where you can advertise your business and services to the public at very justifiable costs. In other words, Google advertising is the best for your online business in Nigeria because virtually all online surfers in Nigeria go to Google to search for information – that’s where your customers are!

  1. It’s all fun while making money

Yes, with Google advertising, you get to practically watch your business grow: attract more attention, convert more customers and turn in more profit. Now isn’t that more fun than any business owner can ask for?

Let me come down a little; when you advertise on Google, you can actually see the number of people that notice your ads, the percentage that are curious enough to visit your website or even call you and most interestingly, the sales you are making as a direct result of your ads!

Advertising couldn’t be any more fun that what Google offers because you spend money and get results! It solves your advertising needs and lets you watch while money is flying right out the pockets of your customers to yours. There is so much height you can help your business attain in Nigeria just by signing up for Google AdWords.

  1. Sell your wares to your favorite customers


Yes, Google actually allows you do a little favoritism. You can target your ads to a specific location or city in Nigeria – not because you hate the online visitors from all other cities or locations but because your business mind has helped you determine where your customers are. And if you actually know where your services and products are needed, the natural thing to do is to take your wares there. Google allows you to choose the target location for your ads. This way, you can select the people you want to view your ads on location basis.

  1. It doesn’t drain you pocket or does – for good reason

Google advertising is very practical: you only pay for good reason and that is when your ads are making an impact! When you set up your advertising campaign on Google, you are allowed to set a budget for it and as your potential customers click on it or call you, to find out more about your service, you are charged as per your budget. Isn’t that great?

Google advertising is the answer to your online advertising needs. There is so much you can gain by choosing this online advertising giant to promote your business. So go on, and advertise your online business on Google. Nigerians will hear about you!

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