Google AdWords is a reputable platform in the online advertising industry. Many internet business owners have maximized a lot of profit simply by investing wisely in Google AdWords. Google’s large network positions it perfectly and gives it the necessary capability to provide unbeatable online advertising service to her many clients. A lot of internet business owners in Nigeria are curious about Google AdWords, having heard about its great online advertising solutions: how it can put your competition out of business and position you for high sales; how you can even target specific cities of your choice where you feel your service will be of great impact; how you will only be charged only when your ad has been clicked on, and so on. But then, as Nigerians, we have our peculiarities and circumstances which must certainly come into play when using a platform such as Google AdWords for online advertising.

Therefore, this study will discuss 3 factors to consider before advertising on Google in Nigeria. It is not a way of discouraging potential Nigerian advertisers on Google – no, it is only presenting to the Nigerian online advertiser, what things to consider before signing up for Google AdWords in order to get expected results.

Paying for the ads

This is a very important factor that every Nigerian online Business owner must consider before advertising on Google AdWords. It is true that it costs nothing to sign up for Google AdWords, but it is worthy of note that Google does not advertise for free: before your advert can be launched you must pay for your advert campaign.

Google AdWords accepts payments via PayPal and Debit cards as well. But since PayPal is not available to Nigerians, the recommended, stress free e-payment method is your Debit card. With a GTB Master Card, a UBA Africard, or even a Zenith Bank Visa card you can make your stress-free payment for your advertising campaign on Google. One good thing about Google AdWords here is that you are only charged when you get clicks on your ad or when a web surfer calls you. In other words, your money will remain untouched if you are not getting any clicks. This in a way, ensures that you get value for your money. This is the reason why you must ensure that you can make payments online before you build your hopes up.

Powerful Keywords Selection

Google AdWords works with strategy and this strategy is embedded in the choice of keywords. Powerful keywords serve to present your services to those who are in need of it and they are therefore, tailored or targeted to the particular niche where your service falls. For example, “Computer course” or “Delicious Pizza” are keywords that can bring more traffic and ultimately, turn more sales to businesses that provide such services. It is highly necessary that you use the right keywords related to your business as this will get you the right customers. Loose keywords will only drain your budget without getting you the expected conversions. So, if you are not an expert in this area, it is wise to get a keyword expert to research and get you relevant keywords for your website.

Target Locations

You must determine how wide you want your campaign to reach. Actually, this is determined by the type of service you’re offering. Certain online marketing businesses may not be location specific and therefore will be needed by almost every online surfer. Other services however, may only be relevant to web surfers from a specific location. This option on Google AdWords allows you to choose who can see your ad when they input your keywords in their search on Google. As an online business owner, it is necessary that you consider these factors before advertising on Google in Nigeria. That way, you can weigh your gains and get yourself prepared to take on advertising your services or products on Google AdWords. Good luck.