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Thinking of effective ways to advertise your business online? Here are the 3 best ways to advertise in Nigeria and get more people to know about your business, and eventually increase your sales. Of course, there are several ways to advertise your business online, however with these three platforms, you could change the whole story for good with little efforts.

As a digital marketer and advertising professional, we’ve been using these platforms for a while and we’ve conducted several research before picking them as the best. Undoubtedly, some of the reasons why these platforms are ahead of the other available options are as follows;

  • wide coverage – they can help you deliver your ads to people in pretty much all your desired locations.
  • flexible advertising rates – they make it possible for you to choose your budget and the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on your adverts.
  • results-driven – they have been proved to help millions of people acquire more clients and increase sales.
  • platform popularity – they are very popular among the internet users.

Now that you’ve seen some of the reasons why we decided to pick these platforms as the best, let’s proceed to listing them and say few things about them.

1. Facebook


There’s no way you can talk about the best ways to advertise in Nigeria without mentioning Facebook. In fact, if we decided to pick only one platform, Facebook would be the one. The reasons for this is pretty simple and clear – Facebook have good rapport with the Nigerian market, and makes it supper easy for marketers to advertise their businesses. For instance, you don’t really need to have a website before you can run adverts on Facebook. All what you need to have is your Facebook page, which you can actually setup within few minutes.

Another obvious reason why Facebook is the best way to advertise in Nigeria is because you can actually setup your ad and get it approved within few minutes. This alone has created big impressions in the heart of online marketers in the country. You don’t really need to wait several hours before your ad is approved. In addition to the ad approval rate, Facebook advertising policy is not extremely strict. You can run ads with little verification issues. Furthermore, if you’ve been planning to advertise your business and reach thousands of people who within seconds, Facebook can help you do just that. With the several millions of people browsing on Facebook all the time, it is almost certain that your ads will be delivered to your desired audience.

That’s not all. Payment for ads on Facebook is another obvious reason why many Nigerians won’t leave it for another platforms. Apart from the monthly billing, Facebook also make it possible for Nigerians to use their Naira master card to pay for ad spend. This and several other great features are the reasons why Facebook is one of the best 3 ways to advertise in Nigeria.

2. Google

Google ads example

You will definitely slap me so hard if i mistakenly omit the father of all search engines from the list. With the options to run ads on Google search, YouTube, Gmail, Google search network and the Google display network, you’ll definitely love this giant advertising platform. Undoubtedly, Google remain one of the best advertising network in the world. They control the search industry and also serve ads in millions of publishers websites.

Like Facebook, Google allow advertisers to choose their budget and the maximum amount they’re willing to pay per ad click. You don’t pay for what you don’t get, and if Google notice that some clicks are not genuine, they can actually mark them as invalid click and refund your advertising account.

If you’re looking to building awareness for your business, definitely you should use the Google display network campaign. With this option, you can reach millions of people with the minimum budget. And fortunately, this option can also get you the best conversion without spending beyond your budget.

Before i talk about the last option, it will make sense for me to highlight some of the ads choices available in Google.

  • Google text ad
  • Google shopping ad
  • Image ad
  • Video ads
  • App install ads
  • App engagement ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Responsive ads, etc.

With these and many more great features, you’ll definitely get the best result when you advertise your business on Google.

3. Classified Ads

classified ad websites in nigeria

Here comes the best option for the majority of marketers in Nigeria. With the emergence of sites like jiji.ng, olx.com.ng, mobofree, SellersNG and scores of other classified ad websites in Nigeria, many people can now taste the goodies in online advertising. With the help of these classified ad websites, many people can publish their ads for free and get the minimum exposure without spending a dime. Undoubtedly, classified ad websites have changed the way people think about online advertising, as many of them now see the benefits of running adverts for their business after using the free service.

Not only that classified ad websites help people advertise their business online, but also makes it possible for them to create online store without having to pay for web development or maintenance.

If you’ve not started using these platforms for your online advertising, i’m pretty sure you’ll like to try them. In the event that you’ll like to know more about the setup and management, you can contact us. At Ojasweb, we can help you manage setup and manage ads in the popular advertising platforms. You can also learn more about our Google advertising solutions.

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