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100% Practical Web Development Training

Because we know the importance of websites in today’s world, and because we are passionate about passing our raw practical knowledge onto the next generation, we therefore set aside time for training and consultancy services. Come and learn from the doer.

Below Are The Core Focus Of Our Training

Web development is practical, and so should the training be. At Ojasweb Digital Solution, we take you through all the core aspects of web development and at the same time give you all the theoretical explanation of how it works. It is fun. See the developmental stages below.

Website Registration Phase

A bit of theory, and then we dive right in to conduct domain research and proceed to the domain registration. Very smooth ride.

Website Hosting Phase

Before we could start setting up your offices and adding all the beautiful decorations, we need to rent the office space. It’s really fun.

Website Designing Phase

Now that your business is registered and your office space is ready. Let’s do the decoration and make it awesome. You’ll truly like it.

It Gets Even More Interesting With…

Website Added Features

The training gets really more interesting with the special classes on websites added features and functionalities. Think of it like adding a security camera to a completed home or hiring a gate keeper or installation of solar power system etc. Seems you’re loving it already

Website Management & Troubleshooting

It is important to be able to identify when a website has issues and be able to solve the problems to enable proper functioning of the website. It’s like knowing when the padlock is damaged and how to fix it. The only difference here is the technical aspect. You should be ready for the training now.

What Is The Duration Of The Training?

We offer both full time and part time web development training program. You can be working and also learning. Fully flexible and professional training program to help you improve your skills and enhance your CV. Contact us to register today.

Our full time training program is for the period of 4 weeks. However one special revision class may be provided after the completion.

Our part-time training program is for the period of 12 weeks. However up to two revision classes may be provided after the completion.

What Is The Training Cost?

The training cost is 45,000 Naira. Additional expenses might be required. Interested individual should contact us for more information.

Web Design Training

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