Minimum Requirements For Google Ads (AdWords)

Hi and thanks for your interest in our Google Ads services. We’re poised to deliver the great results and help your business grow. While it is really possible to start your campaigns with any amount of budget, we as a specialist agency cannot accept just any amount of budget that will not enable us to carryout our duty effectively and efficiently. For this reason, we would be glad to work with businesses that meet the requirements below.

Advertising Budget

As you might know, Google AdWords is a “Pay Per Click” advertising program, which means that you’ll be charged for every click or view you get on your ads. The cost per click/view varies for different industry, location and the campaign type. Generally, the cost per click/view can be as low as $0.01 per click or as high as $100 per click. In order for us to be able to deliver the best, we set the minimum advertising budget at 1000 US dollars per month. However, for industries like real estate, flight booking, vacation rental, insurance, web development and mortgages, the minimum advertising budget is $2500 per month.

Permission and Notification

While it is possible for anyone to make changes to Google ads campaigns at any time, we strongly recommend that you notify us before applying any update on the campaigns. This is very important, as it will help us prepare for any emergency response either as a result of budget exhaustion or other critical account issues such as suspension. Additionally, if you’ll like to terminate the management, please notify us at least 7 days before the termination. And lastly, you need to provide us with reliable means of communication so that we can always tell you the latest on your account. Active email and phone number is recommended.

Landing Page

Whether you’re running a search campaign or display network campaign, it is important for you to have a landing page. Prior to the commencement of the project, we’ll review your landing page, and if necessary, we’ll ask for update based on recommendation.

Management Duration

One of the major major issues affecting the performance of AdWords campaigns is the management. In some cases, we might agree to setup the account and let the business owner or the person in charge of the advertising to manage the campaigns. However, in order to maintain the normal standard, we encourage everyone to prepare for at least 90 days of management under Ojasweb Digital Solution. During this period, we’ll do everything possible to make sure that your account is running effectively, and that the performance is impressive. We’ll also update you regularly on the status of your campaigns.

Account Funding

It is important to let you know that we are not responsible for the funding of your Google ads account. We strongly advice you to have a standby Master/VISA Card for this purpose. The card should be added to your AdWords account for the funding of your advertising, and it must be in the name of your company or one of the principal officers in the organization. For individual, we recommend adding a Master Card specifically for this purpose. Note that Ojasweb will not add fund to your AdWords account even at your request. We’ll always inform you about the status of your account, and ask you to add fund.

Google Analytics

In order for us to be able to serve you better and deliver great services, we ask that you install Google analytics on your site and give us edit permission so that we can monitor the performance of the campaigns and better understand how users interact with your site.