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Help With Buying

How We Help With Buying On Fiverr

Buying on Fiverr can be a pain in the bone if you don’t know how it works and who to choose for your project. With our help, you can be rest assured that you’ll get the exact thing you’re looking to get without spending more. See below for how we help.

Understanding Your Project
One of the reasons why several people get poor service on Fiverr is due to their inability to choose the right provider. By understanding your service, we’ll help you find the best provider for the project.
Determine The Budget
Have you ever been rubbed by some smart sellers on Fiverr? Have you ever over paid for something that should worth more than $25? You’re not alone on this. Several people have paid through their nose for services that should have cost few bucks. We’ll help you decide the best budget for your project.
Look For Reliable and Trusted Seller
Unfortunately, not every seller with outstanding reviews are truly outstanding. Hell no! there are hundreds of sellers with over 1000 reviews, who still won’t deliver good work. I know this because i have been on Fiverr for the past three years and i have completed several projects. Let’s help you find the best seller for your project today.
Place Order And Follow Up
Why bothering yourself with one little order when we can help you do the follow up? No need to disturb yourself. Continue with your regular work and we’ll help you with the order from A – Z.
Review Completed Project
According to research, 3 out of 5 business owners who purchase SEO and article writing gig don’t know how to verify the quality of project they got done on Fiverr. This is sad! It is killing their business. With our professional skills, we’ll help you review the quality of the project and make sure it meet the standard.
Accept Order and Complete Project
After thoroughly reviewing the delivered project, and assuring that the quality is good, we’ll help you accept the order and deliver the project to you. We’ll also request for every necessary information such as copyright, sources, source files (for graphics), references, etc.

You Want To Buy On Fiverr?

Help With Selling

How We Help With Selling On Fiverr

Whether you’re a completely new user or a frustrated seller who’s looking for a way to earn some income on Fiverr, we can help you turn around the story with our professional assistance. Don’t get discouraged, contact us for help. See how we do it below.

Understanding How It Works
I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be among the over 100,000 sellers who have never earn a dime on Fiverr. By helping you understand how it works, you’ll be able to start in a positive move.
Choose The Right Niche
Don’t ever think that writing article is the only way to make money on Fiverr as a beginner. There are several other niches with good prospect for beginners. I’ll help you understand the niches and you’ll decide the best one for you.
Create Your Account
This is the most important stage in Fiverr business. I’m pretty sure many newbies don’t know that this stage can cause them never to make money on Fiverr. For some reasons, we won’t talk much about it here. We reserve the juice for our students. You too could be one of them.
Gig Research And Creation
It is not just creating a gig, but creating one that actually grabs buyers in the neck, telling them to buy. Yes, that’s the secret of getting sales on Fiverr. Not about promotion whatsoever. Let’s help you create the best gig that’s help you get more sales.
Pitch Buyers and Sell More
You’re worth well above $5. Why limiting yourself to the $5 gigs? We’ll guide you on how to pitch your buyers and sell more. You’ll be able to earn more on every project you complete.
Make Money and Stay Safe
Fiverr is a serious business, and we’d want you to remain on the website and keep making your money. Staying safe on Fiverr is very important. We’ll help you understand the different behaviors of buyers and how to prevent your account from being suspended.

You Want To Work On Fiverr?

What Information Do You Need?

The required information depends on the nature of your request. We can discuss this over phone, whatsapp or skype. whichever channel suits you, let us know.

Do You Offer Guarantee?

Yes, 100% guarantee on every project we handle. You don’t have anything to lose as we’ll make sure that you get even more than what you requested for.

How Long Will It Take To Deliver Project?

The duration depends on the nature of projects and the budget. Some sellers charge extra fee to get work done quicker. Please contact us for more information.

Can You Just Find Seller For Me?

Yes, we can find seller for you. However, we won’t do any follow once you start your order with the seller. Please contact us to know more about this.

Do You Have Sample Work?

All completed project belong to the individual owner, and i do not have any right to use or show them as sample. However, i can request for samples from the qualified seller.

How Do I Pay?

We accept PayPal and Bitcoin, and Payoneer transfer. However, PayPal must be friends and family. For more questions about payment, please contact us.

Our Charges For Buying On Fiverr

We offer the cheapest outsourcing services on Fiverr, and we deliver the best. Stay away from the greedy guys who charge your thousands of dollars but deliver poor services in the end. We charge $1 per $5 gig we bought for you. Note, the minimum order must be $25.


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Michael Roland
Shopify user

I’ve known Ojasweb Digital Solution since 2016 when i started learning about Shopify and needed help spotting fake reviews on Fiverr. They sure know this market very well and have become an important resource for me as I look for quality service and cost saving opportunities to improve my online business.


Ojasweb was able to listen to our business problems and developed low cost solutions and alternatives to help our business. We really don’t know much about Fiverr until he directed us to several pages on their site where we learnt about it and how it works.

Dale Vorel
MLM Consultant

Ojasweb Digital Solution utilized their experience as a seller on fiverr to identify quality sellers and cheap services that helped me rank my website for seven keywords on Google. They have been helping me since 2015 when i started my MLM consulting after retiring from work. I enjoy working with them.

Melinda Busiere
Retail Store Owner

We worked with Ojasweb Digital Solution on several projects and their knowledge and follow through are exceptional. We’ve been able to boost our SEO and also built massive email list of users who visited our website.

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We’re very active on Fiverr. So, let’s help you get the best done.

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