Win 2,500 Naira Every Week

  • Are you living in Nigeria?
  • Do you have a Facebook account?
  • Do you have friends?
  • Do you login to Facebook everyday?
  • Do you want to earn 2,500 Naira for free every week?

If your answer to the questions is YES, Now is the time for you to take action. Click the link below to join the contest on WhatsApp.

Note that you’re not paying anything to join the contest. This is a big opportunity for you to make money for free. If you have not join the WhatsApp group, make sure you join by clicking the button above. Winner for the week will be announced on Saturday and the price will be sent directly to their bank account.

To Participate:

  • Join the whatsapp group.
  • copy the contest for the week
  • Post the contest on your Facebook timeline
  • Ask your friends to like, share and comment on the post.
  • The person with highest number of likes, shares and comment at the end of the week is with winner.

Once the winner has been selected, the price will be sent to their bank account immediately.

Rules of The Contest

Please take note of the rules to avoid being disqualified from the contest. If you have questions, kindly send it on WhatsApp.

  • The number of likes must be at least 60% of the number of shares. That is if you have 100 shares, you must have up to 60 likes.
  • Participants must be living in Nigeria.
  • We do not pay with recharge cards. Payment will be sent to the winner’s bank account.
  • 1 person can only share 2 times. If a person shares the post more than 2 times, we will only count 2 of them.
  • Once you have started the contest, make sure you send a message to us on Facebook via so that we can verify your contest.

This contest will continue to run every week and the price for winners each week will be announced in the group. With time we will increase the number of winners and the price.

See recent winners below