Kindly click each of the toggles to reveal the details and the pricing. In case your project requires two or more of the highlighted services, you could get up to $10 off. We’re flexible and ready to give you the best. Feel free to contact us for project discussion and acceptable payment method. Looking forward to working with you.

Google Ads Service Pricing

Google Ads Management

Ads management helps your ads run smoothly at all time without issues. Management activities include but not limited to:

  • keywords optimization
  • bids optimization
  • ads optimization
  • quality score improvement
  • targeting optimization
  • reporting
  • scheduling
  • devices optimization
  • audience optimization
  • delivery optimization, etc.

Price starts at 250 USD per month.

Account Audit

Audit for existing campaigns helps to:

  • check the status of the campaigns configuration
  • identify possible issues
  • review campaign performance
  • check the running cost
  • review the conversions data
  • identify opportunities for improvement
  • Check delivery status, etc.

Price 30 USD Per campaign

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking helps you see the effectiveness of your campaigns in achieving your goals. We will help you:

  • Configure conversion tracking in Google ads
  • Install conversion tracking on site

Price 25 USD

Campaign Configuration

Campaign configuration includes:

  • Goal selection
  • choosing the best campaign type
  • targeting
  • bidding
  • ad grouping
  • ads creation
  • keywords matching
  • ad extensions, etc.

Price 25 USD Per Campaign

Competitors Analysis

Analysis of competition is your desired market. This will help you:

  • identify major competitors
  • competitors advertising history
  • competitors keywords targeting
  • competitors ads history, etc.

Price 25 USD Per Domain

Keyword Research

Find keywords that are most valuable for your business. You will get:

  • keywords search data
  • keywords competitiveness
  • keywords average cost per click
  • keywords device breakdown
  • keywords grouping, etc.

Price 30 USD


Keep users coming back to re-engage with your site using retargeting ads. We will:

  • build retargeting audiences
  • create and launch retargeting ads

Price 35 USD


This is absolutely for you if you don’t have time to manage your ads or you don’t have the resources to hire a Google ad manager like myself. We will automate for:

  • bids optimization
  • keywords delivery
  • ads positioning
  • performance improvement
  • quality score
  • budget
  • delivery
  • reporting
  • account issues, etc.

Price 50 USD

Exporting Data

Did you spend huge money to build your campaigns? Would you like to use the configuration in other accounts? Would you like to have a back up file of all your account data? This will help. We will:

  • Export your campaigns data
  • Export your ad groups
  • Export your ads
  • Export your keywords
  • Export your ad extensions
  • Export your negative keywords
  • Export your performance data.

Price 40 USD


Are you spending more money that you make from ads? Are your ads performing very poor? Does your keywords have bad quality score? Are your competitors ads ranking ahead of you? Optimization is for you. We will:

  • Optimize your ads
  • optimize your keywords
  • optimize the delivery
  • optimize the bigs
  • optimize the device, etc.

Price 30 USD Per Campaign

Product Feed

Do you have ecommerce website? Would you like to run shopping ads? Would you like to build manual product feed for better feed quality? If yes, this is for you. We will:

  • build your product feed
  • export the feed to you
  • Give you edit permission

Price 50 USD For 50 Products

Account Integration

Would you like to connect your Google ads account with other platforms for more insight and opportunities? If yes, this is for you. We will:

  • Integrate your Google ads account with YouTube
  • Integrate with analytics
  • Integrate with Google merchant center.

Price 20 USD Per Platform Integration

Google Analytics Service Pricing

Analytics Configuration

Whether you want to see where your website visitors are living or what they are doing on your websites or whether they are buying or not, analytics will help you achieve all of that and even more. We will:

  • Setup your Google analytics
  • Install Google analytics on your site

Price 25 USD

Ecommerce Configuration

Are you selling products or services on your website? Do you accept payment directly on your website? Would you like to see when people buy and when they don’t? This is absolutely for you. We will:

  • Configure ecommerce tracking for your website
  • Track sales
  • track cart abandon, etc.

Price 25 USD

Goal Configuration

Do you pay money to send traffic to your website? Would you like to know if you’re getting result or not? If yes, then goal configuration is for you.

Price 20 USD Per Goal

Custom Views

Does your website have many pages, urls or directories? Would you like to see the performance of each page, url or directory separately? If yes, this is for you. We will:

  • Setup custom view for your specified page/url or directory
  • guide you on how to see each view.

Price 25 USD Per Custom View

Traffic Filter

Are you getting high page views each day without conversions? Do you have many workers viewing your website? Do you want to exclude traffic from your workers in your data? If your answer is yes, this is for you. We will:

  • Exclude all your activity from the analytics data
  • Exclude workers activities from the analytics
  • Allow only traffic from prospects

Price 25 USD

Search Console Configuration

Would you like to see how your website is performing on Google, and which keywords are bringing the most visit to your website? To see which keywords you should not target in your paid ads and which ones are not converting for you! We will:

  • Configure Google search console for your website
  • integrate Google search console with your analytics

Price 30 USD

Account Audit

Are you spending huge amount of money to drive traffic to your website without getting good results? Are you hiring people to send organic traffic to your website each day? Would you like to see why your website is not converting? Request for account audit. We will:

  • analyze your traffic
  • analyze your audience
  • analyze your website
  • analyze the user behavior
  • analyze the conversion, etc.

Price 50 USD

Custom Reporting

Would you like to see how traffic from certain source, channel, demography, location, device, etc is performing on your site? Custom reporting will reveal more about your preferred data. Request for any specific custom report and we will do our work.

Price 20 USD Per Specific Report

Funnel Configuration

Do you offer series of products/services to your website visitors? I mean, do you up sell or down sell to your customers? Would you like to track the funnel performance? For instance, After purchasing product A, the user went ahead to purchase product B, then C, etc… This configuration will help you track your funnel performance.

Price 30 USD Per Funnel

Event Tracking

Would you like to see when people perform certain action on your site? Maybe when they click a button, stroll down to the bottom of the page or watched a video? Even tracking is for you. We will:

  • configure event tracking

Price 50 USD Per event tracking

Audience Definition

Would you like to create separate list of website visitors based on certain criteria they met on your site? Maybe people who purchased your product, or those who abandoned their shopping cart? Or even more? We can help.

Price 20 USD Per Audience Definition

Custom Dashboard

Do you want to login to your Google analytics account and see a custom dashboard that presents all your valuable data? Just the right data that you need for decision making and optimization. We can help.

Price 30 USD Per Dashboard.

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