I have been using my giveaway to get more sales on FiverrĀ since 2015. It’s really amazing and easy to actualize. You too can do the same thing to get more sales with no extra effort. I didn’t prepare to write long story, so i won’t go too deep to explain all the tricks i use to make my clients happy and get more sales from them. This is not something ilegal, in fact, Fiverr wants you to up-sell and make more money for them and yourself. So, let’s quickly take a look at the secrets of getting more sales just like the top sellers in the SEO niche.

How To Do It Right

Let’s say you are a web developer, and you wanted to offer some bonuses for your clients. This is how to go about it. It is really that simple and easy to actualize. Let’s use this practical example.
Get a premium plugin that has awesome features, such as auto sharing on social media, twitter tweets or other great features. Offer it as free bonus to your clients after completing their work.

Of course, many of your clients would like to use the free bonus if you can tell them the usage. For instance…

“Hi there, this is the free bonus i promised to give to you. It is a premium WordPress plugin for creating professional, highly converting sales page and optin grabbers. This plugin is not available for free, however since i am a web developer with premium right, i can offer it to my clients for free.

Go ahead and install the plugin on your site. Use it to create awesome sales pages and optins to start capturing emails and driving more sales.”

Since the plugin is not readily available for free, the client might want to install it straightaway. But guess what, he/she will still need your service to configure the plugin or design awesome pages and optin grabber. Now you’ve closed another business.

You can use this method in every niche. All what you need to do is to look for something that you can offer for free that will encourage the client to patronize you again.

I hope you’ll be able to use this trick to close more sales and make more money with your Fiverr business. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us or chat with us on Whatsapp.