Francis Ford Coppola, an American screenwriter, film director and producer who is regarded as the central figure of the New Hollywood wave of filmmaking, says, “The essence of cinema is editing.” In the internet marketing world, it is common knowledge that videos are invaluable tools used in boosting conversions but then videos without the refinement of editing, is useless.

Even Fiverr, recognizes the relevance of gig videos and recommends that sellers create videos for their gigs. According to Fiverr, “…sellers who present their service on video make 220% more.” That‘s the power of videos.

This is exactly what makes video editing lucrative. It refines videos by combining sounds and visuals in a way that is pleasing and appealing to our minds and catches our attention more than any other media can.

There are myriads of video editing gigs on Fiverr but in this study, we are more concerned about the top 5 Fiverr video editing gigs.



top rated seller, sets the ball rolling, with a 99% rating from 3394 customers. He says, “I will do video editing professionally within 24 hours for $5.” He is available on Fiverr 24/7 and therefore must have excellent customer service record. He is experienced in video editing and has 21 more orders to complete. This certifies him as a reliable hand for your video editing job. However, he wants you to read his description before ordering – so go here, read his description and then place your order. It’s simple!

Crslaytor follows suit with his 100% rating dazzling on gig page like a badge of honour. This badge was earned through sweat and hard work after completing 4,567 orders. Did you notice how those figures follow serially? He also has a huge “waiting list” of 47 orders yet to be completed. Crslaytor, “… will do professional video editing for $5.” So join his queue and let this flawless video editor handle your job.

Marcodrp also joins saying, “I will do professional video editing in under 24 hours for $5!” Did you hear that? – Under 24 hours! There have already been 1,494 customers in need of a fast video editing service whom he has satisfied and 17 more are in the queue waiting for their turn. He has a 99% rating and a basic charge of $5. Furthermore, Marcodrp offers a discount on multiple orders and will offer to make corrections on your job or even a full refund should you not be satisfied. He is accessible



another top fiverr video editing gig, has 766 satisfied customers on Fiverr to his credit. His offer, “I will do professional video editing and design for $5,” has moved him to the top as a Fiverr video editor. His service includes advanced visual and sound effects and with $5 he’s ready to play ball. Get him playing

Jgelet, is another flawless video editing expert on Fiverr. His 2,439 satisfied customers declared him flawless by endorsing him with a 100% rating. Fiverr has also recognized his hard work and promoted him as a top rated seller. Jgelet loves organized buyers who put their instructions and preferences together for him to look at. Are you curious about this buyer? Then get your instructions down and with $5, you have a deal with Jgelet!

Video editing can be very complicated. It takes only the experts to knocks your socks off with an incredible transformation on your video. These gigs are the top 5 Fiverr Video Editing Gigs. Look out for them!