Have you ever thought about the criteria for awarding “top rated sellers” on Fiverr? Yes, i thought about it when i was a new seller and i gradually lose interest as i realize that the criteria are not clear to anyone. According to Fiverr, TRS is selected manually by admin. If this is true, then i don’t think i can do anything to impress them. In fact, i don’t know any of the admins in charge. Sometimes it is surprising to see top sellers with thousands of reviews who are still maintaining level two badges, and some people with just 500 reviews with top rated seller badge. Should this be a thing to worry about? Absolutely, no. In this article i will show you the top 5 fiverr level two SEO sellers.

These people are doing pretty well, however, for reasons best known to fiverr admins they are not promoted to the TRS.

1. Dino_stark. is the number one person i found. He has sold more than 100,000 gigs on fiverr, yet he remains a level two seller. Check the excerpt from one of his gig.

  • 100000+ GIGS SOLD .I will blast an eminent SEO backlink pyramid (EBP) with 5000 Profiles. consisting of 300 Site about site/domain PR 4+  among which there’re varied from 10 to 20 edu / gov (edu.xx gov.xx) profiles randomly in tier 1 and then 4700 profiles built to 300 high PR sites above-mentioned as tier 2, 300+4700=5000 .(its 2 layers backlinks, We will send 300  to your url then we will send 4700  to the 300 links that link to your url , 4700=>300=> url ) .they are from world wide different / unique domains, about 80% of Tier1 are dofollow and publicly viewable.
  • you can use for your bookmark page,  blogs , your own Tier1,website seo etc .
  • new buyer if u have any question free to send message to my conversations box before you place the order.
  • You need provide : 1 url and up to 10 keywords,dont accept Porn sites.
Customer support 24/7 (Your messages will be replied in less than 24 hours)
One of his gigs has about 150 orders in queue at the time of this article. I have never patronized him, but the reviews he’s got are amazing. Could he be the right person to boost your website SEO? Check his gig by clicking on the username.
2. Blboss is the number two seller on the list. According to the profile details, the user is a full time SEO fanatics. He has been on fiverr since 2011 and making steady income with multiple orders. One of his best selling gigs has about 350 orders in queue at the time of writing this article. Unfortunately, fiverr has not promoted him to TRS.
Wanna read his gig description? Here’s the excerpt as it appears on the gig.

Hey! Probably you have found my gig threw Google, where we rank #1 and #2 for very competitive Seo keywords, or threw Fiverr results, where we are also #1, are you wondering why?


More PROOF: http://goo.gl/BTRAZu

1. WINNER OF “FIVERR Labs SEO Experiment”.




These days Google doesn’t mess around and you shouldn’t either.

If you want a real boost in your rankings you absolutely NEED high PR backlinks!”


3. Turnkeyz is the number three seller on the list. He is one of the best indian sellers on fiverr. He has sold more gigs than many TRS in his category, yet he remains a level two seller.

His top selling gig has about 50 orders in queue at the time of writing this article. Note that i do not know him, and this post is not intended to advertise him or place him above other sellers. You can check his gig by clicking the username.



4. Gopo2k is the next seller on the list. This amazing SEO seller has more than 2000 reviews on his profile.He is a Romania seller. He joined Fiverr in 2011 and since then he has sold more than 5,000 gigs.

Unfortunately, fiverr admins have not find reasons to award him Top Rated Seller. He still remains in my category (Level Two Seller). One of his best selling gigs has about 20 order in queue at the time of writing this article. Below is the excerpt from his gig.

“SEO Backlinks Service for as low as $10 Only! with Free Keyword Research

Bonus : Free Keyword Research if you dont have keywords for your Website or Youtube Video!

We would run Drip Feed SEO Campaign for 1 Month!”


5. Links2seo is the last seller on the list. However, there are many other supper sellers that are yet to be promoted to TRS. I find these sellers amazing in their category. In fact, someone wrote about Dino in Fiverr forum and many people share thir pinion on why he has not been promoted.

Links2seo is from the USA and has more than 1000 reviews on his profile. Surprisingly, he joined fiverr in September 2015. He is doing far better than other sellers who have been awarded TRL, but maybe his time to be promoted is on near.


Important notice: This article is based on my view and what i found. I do not have any link with the sellers or promote any affiliate product. I shared this to encourage new sellers and to help buyers find what they are looking for. If you have anything to add, please send it in the comment.

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