The top 3 fiverr featured press release gigs will help you understand how to setup your press release gig, and what you can include in the description to attract customers. I do not encourage you to violate another people’s work or copy the content just because you want to get sales. What I expected from you is to study their services and borrow their ideas. In fact, you may want to purchase their gigs just to learn from them.

Article writing is one of the easiest services anyone can offer on Fiverr as long as you can communicate effectively. It doesn’t really matter what language you offer. Fiverr is a global marketplace and you can offer your services in different languages as long as they comply with “terms of service”, and not misleading. As regards press release, not everyone can offer it. Personally, I don’t know how to write press release. For the sake of people who are planning to setup press release gigs on fiverr, these featured gigs will help you get ideas and attract customers to your gigs.

Although, featured gigs are not necessarily the best. Nevertheless, you can still learn from them or use their tags to boost your gig ranks. You can also check the caliber of people that patronize them, and know where to promote your gigs. I have 5 of them as at the time of writing this article. Go check them and learn from them.

Chaosmagic: this awesome seller is one of the best press release writers on fiverr. She’s a top rated seller from USA, and her press release gig is one of the few that are featured. The featured gig has 71 orders in queue as at the time of writing this article. Her overall rating is 98%, and the gig has 4.9 out of 5 possible stars. This same gig has 2750 reviews as at 24th of April, 2016. Funny enough, she didn’t put a lot of words in her description. She’s straight to the point. I guess the simple description is one of the reasons why she’s doing pretty well. Find out other things about the gig and learn from her.ojasweb fiverr press release

Bgracious: meet Bgracious, the professional press release writer on fiverr. This super seller is one of the few sellers that do not do pricing competition. She is professional and her gig packages reflect it. The least among the packages is $100 for 20 days.  She’s a top rated seller from the US. I was shocked when I review the packages and found that she write just 200 words for $100. This clearly shows that you can work less and earn more on fiverr. Amazingly, her overall rating is 100%. Like I said in the opening paragraph, the aim of this blog is to help you get ideas that can boost your sale and make more money on fiverr. This press release gig has 1157 reviews as at April 24, 2016. Her description is simple and straight to the point. Go study her gig and learn from her.professional press release writer

Thepromogirl: the third featured press release gig is also doing pretty well. Like the previous sellers, she’s also a top rated seller from the US. She has 100% overall rating, and the featured gig has 510 reviews as at April 24, 2016. She has a unique gig title and detailed description. You can review her gig by clicking the username. One of the things I notice about the press release writers is that they have multiple return buyers. Knowing this, you can always work hard to make sure that you retain your release writer

Infinityplusone: the fourth featured press release gig has about 300 reviews as at April 24, 2016. The seller is a “level two” from USA. Her overall rating is 96%. One of the things you can learn from the gig is the simplicity of the title. She has a detailed description that talks about added features. This might also help you to furnish your gig. Remember not to violate her work in any ways.fiverr press release

Geniusgirl: this is the one of the creative gigs owned by Indian sellers. This gig proved that featured gig doesn’t have anything to do with the seller’s location. She’s doing pretty well in her niche. Geniusgirl has 96% overall rating, and her featured press release gig has 116 reviews as at April 24, 2016. There’s nothing much in her gig description. However, you may review the content and the packages and get ideas from her.Indian press release writer

These are the to 5 fiverr featured press release gigs to learn from. I decided to write around the gigs because many people are looking for professional press release writers. This post will also help new writers get ideas on how to setup press release gigs that attract customers.

Once again, sellers should not violate the gigs, or copy their work. Do not spam their clients with irrelevant messages. Learn from them and you’ll be fine.

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