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Featured gigs on Fiverr, no doubt, gain a lot of exposure and consequently make more sales. Most sellers on Fiverr utilize this opportunity to boost sales and make more returns.

In the T-Shirt design niche, there are quite a handful of sellers who believe in the power of advert and strategy in business and have given their gigs the necessary exposure it needs to make more conversions.

Today’s study focuses on top 4 Featured Fiverr T-shirt Design gigs. We will discover how much these sellers have maximized this opportunity to design more T-shirts.



tops the list with his super selling, “I will make eye catching T-shirt design I am excellent in it.” The magic of featured gigs is already working for him as he has already completed 868 orders and still has 42 more left. He is good in all soft wares and does a variety of graphic related jobs. Do you need a T-shirt designed for you? Get an eye-catching one

Richard_brow a level 2 seller, also featured his T-Shirt design gig and is already making huge sales in the niche. He has completed 3,044 orders and stands on a 98% rating. Fiverr must have reasons for placing him second. He is an all-round designer and has 3 service packages and a variety of mouth-watering free services. He is ready to “… design trendy T-shirt for teespring,” and has 34 customers on queue. Join the queue

Mrhalloumi another of the featured Fiverr T-shirt design gigs, will, “… create custom amazing T-shirt design.” He is from Morocco and refers to his gig as “the place for T-Shirt design.” He has satisfied 190 of his customers and still has 34 more to deliver. And did I mention that Mrhalloumi has a 98% rating? With $5, you can contract his services

Itsmohitchouhan, a top rated seller has done 773 orders as a T-shirt designer on Fiverr. His featured gig together with his 99% rating have helped attract 22 more customers who are curious about his skills. He promises to invest his 2 decades experience in T-shirt design into your work until satisfaction. He promises to, “… do basic T-shirt design within 24 hours” and urges you not to hesitate in ordering

Featured Fiverr gigs obviously pay off and justify the investment. These guys are not just strategic sellers on Fiverr, but are talented and experienced in T-Shirt design. Should you require their services – like Itsmohitchouhan urges – do not hesitate. They are always at your service.