Which of the following mammalian features acts as a shock-absorber to the developing embryo?

A. Amniotic fluid
B. Umbilical cord
C. Placenta
D. Amnion
E. Chorion

Correct Answer: Option A

A. Amniotic fluid


Amniotic fluid is the warm, fluid cushion that protects and supports your baby as they grow in the womb. This important fluid contains:

  • hormones
  • immune system cells
  • nutrients
  • hormones
  • your baby’s urine

At its highest level, the amniotic fluid in your belly is around 1 quart. After 36 weeks of pregnancy, your fluid levels start to decrease as your body prepares for your baby’s delivery.

When your doctor performs ultrasounds prior to delivery, they’ll estimate the amount of amniotic fluid your baby is surrounded by. It’s possible that the fluid may start to leak at some point.

If too much fluid starts to leak out, this is known as oligohydramnios. The fluid can also gush out due to the rupturing of the amniotic sac. This is known as the rupturing of membranes.