Read the prose passage and answer the question:

Ngotho was pleased. And Nyolabi and Njeri were full of joy at the news. For the first time, many years something like a glimmer of light shone in Ngotho’s eyes. He could even be seen making an effort to walk upright. Here, at last, was a son who might eventually be a match for the Howlands and Jacobos and any others who at all despised him. Kamanu too was pleased. He hoped he could go on helping Njoroge. Njoroge might do something for the family.
Njoroge was happy. His first impulse when he learned what he had gone through was to kneel down and thank God for all He had done for him. ‘ Give me more and more learning and make me the instrument of thy light and peace. ‘To go to Secondary School, the big mission at Siriana was no small achievement.

The theme of the extract is the

A. resistance to oppression
B. ambition to become a priest
C. quest for education
D. desire for happiness

Correct Answer: Option C

C. quest for education