Read the poem and answer the question:


I wonder how long, you awful parasite,
Shall share with me this little bed,
And make me, from sweet dreams be lost
By sucking blood from my poor head.

I should but say man has much
Blood, which you and your families do feed
On, for supper, dinner, and lunch,
And besides, you do in my bed breed.

Clever thou art, tiny creature;
You attend me when I am deep asleep
When thou art sure, I can’t you capture,
Just at the time I snore deep.

‘Tis is strange that before twilight,
The bed clear of you would seem;
For not one of you is my sight
As if your presence was in a dream.

The person’s mood is one of

A. sarcasm
B. indifference
C. despair
D. joy

Correct Answer: Option C

C. despair