Joseph turned around, Be careful you don’t slip, he called. Her heel dug for a third step and then the moss stripped off a little. Her hands gripped the moss and tore it out. Joseph saw her head describe a little arc and strike the ground. As he ran toward her, she turned slowly on her side. Her whole body shuddered violently for a second and then relaxed. He stood over her for an instant before he ran to the spring and filled his hands with water. But when he came back to her, he let the waterfall to the ground, for he saw the position of her neck and the grey that was stealing into her cheeks. ‘It was too simple, too easy, too quick, he said.

The extract is an example of

A. narrative prose
B. descriptive prose
C. imaginative prose
D. expository prose

Correct Answer: Option B

B. descriptive prose