State four models of nutrition in plants.

  • Autotrophic (or holophytic) nutrition: this is the mode of nutrition in which the organisms (plants) manufacture their own food from simple inorganic materials. They are either chemosynthetic or photosynthetic. (i.e either from chemical reaction or reacting under sunlight.
  • Saprophytic nutrition: the plants depend on already-made food (i.e dead or decayed organic matter) by first of all secreting enzymes in order to dissolve it before absorption.
  • Epiphytic nutrition: the plants under this form of nutrition only seek the support of their hosts without depending on them for water and nutrient. They absorb minerals from decayed organic matters in-between the branches. Water is got through the percolated one on the branches. They manufacture their own food through photosynthesis.
  • Parasitic nutrition: the plants depends on another plants (its host) for food and protection. The host on the other hand, suffers as a result of this relationship.

Others are carnivorous, symbiotic, etc.

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