Rules For Submitting Solutions In Ojasweb Smart Earning

Hi, and welcome to this page. If you have not read the frequently asked questions about Ojasweb Smart Earning (O.S.E), i encourage you to do so now. Below are the rules for submitting past questions to O.S.E. Following this rules will help you get all solution approved and earn more from the program.

Studentship Verification

In order to maintain fair play and help you get the best from this program, we will ask you to submit your name, school, department and level.

Verify Every Questions On This Platform Before Submitting It

We want you to earn as much as possible from this program. However, we will not approve duplicate questions. To help you get all your questions approved, we encourage you to verify on this platform before submitting them. To verify, go to

type the question you want to provide solution for in the search bar and search. if no result is returned, then you can go ahead and solve the problem and submit it. However if you find result for the question, it means that another person has solved it. so we encourage you not to submit questions that other people have submitted.

Do Not Post The Questions Elsewhere After Submission

Once you submit a question to Ojasweb Smart Earning platform, we encourage you not to post it elsewhere either on Facebook, WhatsApp or anywhere else. If you do, your membership will be terminated and you will not receive any payment.

Only Submit Questions To The Admin

Do not submit questions to anyone else other than the admins. You will receive detailed information about how to submit your questions once your membership is approved.