Are you just applying for the exam or you have been disappointed serially by the council in finding it tedious to scale through the requirements so as to have the required subjects for your course of pursuit?  Have you been duped by marauders who parade themselves as the most astute in helping you to pass the exam by cutting corners, yet, no commendable outcome? Whatever your portion, worry less, as ojasweb launched an intensive care unit targeted at handling various hurdles faced by Nigerians students and nearby countries and add a smile at the students face as at the point of printing result without engaging in hideous act.

Notably, the council over the years has assiduously helped in sustaining the integrity and the quality of their questions with brute consequences on the sluggish or lazy students as it has led to the mass failures recorded annually.

In view of helping the concerned students to overcome the unfortunate, ojasweb deem it fit to unveil the tricks on how to earn a minimum grade in WAEC. Keep scrolling as the tricks are listed below.

Study (Read) smartly

It often startles me when the students that are supposed to be in their place of study worried so much about football club or the musicians or things that have no direct bearing with their exams but with less or no traceable evidence of preparing for their exams. If you are a smart type and wanting to leap ahead of your fellows, you have no option than to be smart and study extensively. Of a truth, studying is not fun if you’re not naturally endowed, however, the fun part of studying is not paramount as the endpoint which is passing gallantly.

To study smartly, it entails been relentlessly remain focus and streamlining ones’ pursuit through hitting the core subjects more than others. Place preference on your subjects as it relates to your pursuit. Dear student, in a twinkling of an eye, you’ll be amazed at what you’d have done.

Shun procrastination/complacency

Well, the duo is inseparable and can be dealt with simultaneously. These are foxes that surreptitiously eat up the strength of the strongest in the academic world. To have the best of this year WAEC, you have to dare procrastination in all entity and shun complacency. The viable antidote to the first is to rise up amidst all odds and do something. Remember, self, society and your ‘else’ passion won’t let you but you got to rise above the board if you want this year to count.

While complacency happens to those that over-assumed and over-belief that their strength (preparation) is more than enough to scale them through the storm of the exams whereas at the tail end, it is self-indulgence. My kind suggestion is to conscientiously and consciously cast off the old garment of lukewarmness and be clothed with firing spirit.

Get the appropriate materials

Having most appropriate materials at your disposal gives you an edge above the rest, but leveraging on your encyclopedia qualify you to have the best of the exam. Ojasweb has more than enough materials to help her audience and ready to provide more materials with an interactive platform for the students. Be assured of this, even if you don’t have enough money to buy the required textbooks, endeavour to keep taking your reading on this platform or subscribe to the offers exclusively provided on ojasweb.

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Avoid over-tasking

The idea of multi-tasking is injurious and most traced to envying students who want to complete the unassailable task in a single night. You aren’t a machine dear, stop over tasking yourself; all in the bid of passing, shred the exercises and take it at different times. Being over-tasking yourself doesn’t tip you staying above others and neither could it be of immense benefit in actualizing your dreams. Rather, take the work gradually as your strength can handle.

For examples, when you are solving mathematics, it is advisable you bury your head into it than thinking on how you can read 300 pages literature on the same day. Just before you say Jack Robinson, you’ll lose interest in the mathematics.

Engage in impactful discussion or peer-reading

Many have a sweet story to tell as a result of the peer they kept, any subject that is difficult for you to comprehend can be thrown out to your friends whom you thinking are academically better off.  Such an approach will lessen the stress and individualistic approach of getting things done. Interestingly, among the peer, that might be one who has a vast grasp of the concept than others and such will divulge all he has been reading about the topic without being conscious of teaching you. Isn’t that cool and smart?

Ruminate often on your readings

Ruminating is an active action for the undying, passionate and addicted students of success; you can as well be one. Take a few minutes of pensive thought on anything you read as this will fast-tracking assimilation. The secret of being the first aside been brainy is to be a seasoned and practicing ruminator. “Researches show that, it takes 15 days of stress before it slips off from the brain, anything that is ruminated over”. Therefore, you have to be a gallant ruminator over anything you read. The induced stress of mind can influence your ruminating action, stand and take a stroll, keep ruminating, before you notice it, you would’ve assimilated the concept.

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