In this short post i will share some tips on how to fix post utme invalid access credentials. If you’re having this error, it is usually not your fault. You don’t need to be panic because such errors affect a lot of people and the website management should know about it.

Since the error is not from you, you won’t be able to fix it yourself. However, these are some of the things you should do:

  1. If you have login to the site before but not longer able to login, you can try different browsers or even clear your browser cache. If you’re using Google chrome, try to open a new incognito tab and login again. In some situations, this might help.
  2. You need to contact the website management either by phone or email. If you don’t know their phone or email, kindly look for the contact menu on the site and you should see the information on how you can contact the site management.
  3. Lastly, you can try to login at different time. For instance, if the first try is in the morning, you can try again in the afternoon or evening.

I hope this tips will help you fix post utme invalid access credential for your school.