In England, her love for Henry blossomed like spring flowers after a hard winter. But she abhorred the way he dressed in England. They fell in love when she was working in a little coffee shop across from the Crystal Palace. Tall and jovial, he fell romantically in love with her at first sight. After a brief and hilarious courtship, they got married in a small Presbyterian Chapel in North London. Her people came and her mother shed a tear when it was announced that the newly-wed couple would go to Africa. From that day, her world collapsed. He had never even hinted that he had joined the colonial service. Nor did she know that her honeymoon would be a hurried affair in Brighton. She wept most of the time on board the M.V Apapa that took them to Africa. Eight years and her temper grew worse. She got farther and farther away from her husband. They never had a child. A child would have made all the difference in the world.

‘From that day her world collapsed’ shows that the woman is

A. better off
B. wise
C. afraid
D. unhappy

Correct Answer: Option D

D. unhappy