Frequently Asked Questions About Ojasweb Smart Earning

What Does O.S.E Stands For?

O.S.E stands for Ojasweb Smart Earning. It is a program specifically designed to help tertiary education students in Nigeria make money by submitting past questions. Pretty simple!

How Does The Program Work?

The program is for tertiary education students in Nigeria. Once you join, you will be able to earn money by submitting exam past questions (THEORY AND OBJECTIVE.)

Why Do I Have To Pay To Register?

The program is designed to help you make money, so we ask you to pay of 1,200 to become a member of the platform. The payment also helps you focus more and encourage you to take the program seriously.

How Do I Register?

Currently we only register members manually. Once you’ve make payment, kindly forward your payment details to for manual approval.

How Can I Make Payment?

Payment can be made directly in bank, ATM or using mobile banking app. Payment should be made to our official account number.

  • Zenith Bank
  • Ojasweb Digital Solution
  • 1015443547

When and How Will I Receive The Money I Make?

Since we’re doing this to help students make money that can sustain them, and also encourage them to study, we pay twice per month. Payment will be made directly to the submitted bank account.

How Do I Submit Past Questions?

We make it easy for members to submit their solved questions. You will be able to submit via WhatsApp or Email

How Many Past Questions Can I Submit Per Day?

Currently we allow each user to submit maximum of 10 past questions per day. We do this to help speed up the approval process. Also, once you’ve circle limityou will need to renew your membership by paying 1,200 Naira or allow another student to benefit.

How Do I Know If My Past Questions Are Approved?

Once your submitted questions are approved, you will be notified by email or via WhatsApp.

Do You Pay Commission For Referrals?

No, we do not pay commission for referrals.

My Question Is Not Yet Answered

If your question is not yet answered above, kindly contact us directly on any of these phone numbers: 08060380375 or 08078440640.