You have a budget of £75 per day for your client’s Search campaign, and you’d like to set a maximum cost-per-click (max. CPC) bid of £1. How can you validate that this is the right bid amount for getting the most clicks?

  • Try various CPC amounts to determine the average
  • Bid across multiple groups to determine the average
  • Use bid simulators to see CPC estimates
  • Raise your max. CPC to £3 to cover possible competitive bids

The correct answer is:

  • Use bid simulators to see CPC estimates

Explanation: AdWords bid simulators help you see how different bids might change your ads’ weekly performance. The bid simulators collect and analyze data from ad auctions on the Search Network and the Display Network while considering information such as Quality Score, keyword traffic, and competition in the ad auction. The tools use this information to estimate how your ads might have performed in terms of key metrics like cost, impressions, clicks, and conversion volume.

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