Which is a tip for optimizing a TrueView video for viewer engagement?

  • A) Increase each target group’s bid by 100%
  • B) Add a call-to-action overlay
  • C) Add exclusions to the campaign
  • D) Run both an in-stream and an in-display version of the ad

The correct answer is:

B) Add a call-to-action overlay

Explanation: Call-to-action overlays are eligible to show on any TrueView video ad on YouTube. This feature is available at no extra cost to you, can increase viewer engagement, and add an interesting element to your ads. Also, because they’re associated with the video instead of the ad, call-to-action overlays will show whether your video is triggered through an ad or an organic (unpaid) view.

Read more here: https://support.google.com/partners/answer/3013684?hl=en