Sebastien wants to get a good read on how his users are interacting with his videos across different geographies of his target demographic. For example, it would be helpful to know what calls-to-action are driving higher clickthrough rates. In which report of YouTube Analytics would he be able to access this kind of data?

  • Watch time report
  • Likes and dislikes report
  • Engagement report
  • Audience retention report

The correct answer is:

  • Engagement report


Engagement report: From comments to likes to sharing patterns, scour the many engagement reports to get a good read on how your viewers are interacting with your content.
Use these reports to:

Optimize interactive elements
Test different calls-to-action to see what drives stronger CTRs
Uncover how many times your content has been shared
View how you’ve gained and lost subscribers across different content, locations, and dates

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