In which of the following circumstances would you want to increase the default session timeout length in Google Analytics?

  • The average length of video on your site is 35 minutes.
  • The default session timeout length is set dynamically by Google Analytics and you cannot change it.
  • You need to start collecting real-time data
  • A user typically spends less than 2 minutes on each page of your site.

The Correct Answer is:

  •  The average length of video on your site is 35 minutes.

 Explanation: The length of a session and campaign depends on your site and business. Here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about the session and campaign timeouts:

  • If your site automatically signs a user out after being inactive for a certain amount of time, set the session timeout to match that length of time.
  • Lengthen the session time if you have a lot of content and expect users to take a long time engaging with that content. Conversely, shorten the session time if the site has a small amount of content.
  • Set the campaign timeout handling to the same amount of time the campaign is going to run or expected to be relevant. Clicks to a social media micro-campaign might not be relevant for more than a few days after launch.

Campaign timeout cannot be greater than 2 years. Sessions cannot be less than 1 minute or greater than 4 hours.

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