Jane’s e-commerce site sells a wide variety of bicycle equipment. She wants to estimate her profit-per-conversion for each ad group to get a sense of which ad groups are immediately profitable in the short term. Which formula best estimates Jane’s profit-per-conversion before advertising expenses?

  • (Avg CPC) * (Conversion Rate)
  • (Avg Profit per Order) * (Conversion Rate)
  • (Avg Revenue per Order) * (Profit Margin)
  • (Total Profit) / (Total Revenue)

The correct answer is:

  • (Avg Revenue per Order) * (Profit Margin)

Explanation: Profit need to be calculated without ad expenses. It means conversion rate and cpc will not be considered in formula while calculating profit per conversion.

You can read more here: https://support.google.com/partners/answer/2796446?hl=en