Do your readers download free or paid content from your blog?

If you’re like 99% of website owners, the answer is a clear “Yes!”

Here’s something else you have in common with all those other site owners though: Most readers who download your reports and products do not read–or even look at–them.

Now, there are plenty of reasons for that, but one of the biggest is that your readers either don’t remember where the download went, or they can’t find it among the hundreds–or thousands–of other files that get automatically added to the “downloads” folder every month.

Never mind the fact that you have no control over where her files are saved.

Now you no doubt have the information part down. You share rock-solid tips and advice, create products and programs that overdeliver and truly help your customers with the issues they face.

But you may be asking yourself…

“How Can I Help My Readers And Customers Have A Positive Experience When They Purchase Or Download My Products?”

Truthfully, you have several options. Perhaps you’ve even tried some of them.

  • Shopping carts that promise to deliver your content via email…and don’t.
  • Expensive membership sites that force readers to log in just to download that free report.
  • Email managers that allow you to attach files…and which get promptly dumped in the ‘spam’ folder.
  • Big ugly instructions to “Right-click and save file as…” or “Save the file somewhere you’ll remember…” — and we all know no-one reads them.

Introducing Cloud Save It

Cloud Save It offers a complete solution with…

  • Fast, simple installation – just upload right through your WordPress dashboard and you’ll be running in no time
  • Quick Dropbox integration – easy-to-follow instructions let you create the required key – no experience necessary!
  • Single-page settings ensures super fast setup – even if you’re a complete technophobe!
  • Amazon S3 integration even lets you store your downloads securely on their servers.
  • Offer customers the choice to instantly save files to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Create links right in your WordPress editor for maximum convenience.
  • Shortcode commands mean you never have to fiddle with cryptic javascript or other unreadable code.
  • Create download links from any server – your website host, Amazon, or any other file server you have access to.
  • Protect your Amazon files to help prevent unauthorized downloads – perfect to prevent sharing of links for paid products!

There’s simply no easier way to ensure your visitors can both find and consume your content after downloading it. And the truth is, if you get this right, you’ll be well on your way to establishing that all important “know, like, and trust” factor.

Stop frustrating your readers and wasting time on customer support issues that are costing you money. Instead, make it easy for customers to download and save your content for reading later. With Cloud Save It, the simple one-click download will create a smooth user experience your readers will love.

Included Seller Tools

  • Fully formatted HTML sales letter
  • Fully formatted HTML thank you page
  • Cloud Save It plugin for WordPress
  • Installation and usage guide (DOC and PDF)
  • Box shot graphics (JPG and PSD)
  • User Guide Graphics (JPG and PSD)

Usage Ideas For Quick ROI

  1. Add to your paid membership site as a member’s only perk
  2. Offer as a bonus for customers
  3. Offer as a bonus for customers buying from your affiliate link
  4. Give it to your paid coaching clients
  5. Use on your own sites
  6. Add value to your WordPress design services by including the plugin in your package
  7. Hire a programmer and have them improve your plugin by adding other PLR content to it