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The correct spelling for the popular marketplace for services that start at $5 is FIVERR. If you’re not sure what the spelling is, simply follow this LINK to visit the platform. The link will take you directly to my profile page where you can order for your professional services such as Google AdWords, article writing, resume writing, web development, market research, linkedin profile update and so on.

Brief information about fiverr – fiveer – fivver

Fiverr was launched in 2010 to cater for digital services such as online editing, blogging, web design, writing, voice over, and more. The name “FIVERR” depicts the original ideas of the marketplace – to provide services starting at $5.

You can get any digital service on fiverr starting at $5. It is really interesting. If you need to get some things done very fast without visiting the roadside business center, you can quickly login to your fiverr account and look for gigs that suit you.

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Services available on fiverr are also referred to as gigs. If you are looking for a logo designer, you can find thousands of logo design gigs on the front page. Don’t be confused; gigs and services are the same as far as fiverr is concerned.

Payment options

This short article is to help people understand the basics of Fiverr. If you’re aiming to become a seller, make sure you check other great information in our blog. For those who are planning to hire workers on fiverr, you have the capacity to make payment with your PayPal account. If you don’t have one, you can easily go to www.paypal.com to register. Remember that paypal has strong security rules, and they can limit your account if they discover any irregular activity on the account.

Who is a seller or a buyer on fiverr?

A seller on fiverr is someone who listed his/her gig/service to attract clients. A buyer is someone who hires a service provider on fiverr.

What are you looking for?

Let me quickly remind you about our services on Fiverr. If you are looking for a skillful Google advertiser, seo article writer or a web developer, you can count on us. We will help you complete your project very fast at affordable rate. Kindly follow the link below to review our services or contact us @ info@ojasweb.com to get your work done without going through the fiverr process.