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If there’s one thing i hate about Fiverr, it would be the influx of thousands of unskilled and unscrupulous sellers without regulation. Fine, it is good to be accommodating, however not monitoring the quality of sellers that join the site, and not considering the number of buyers available on the platform is really a bad thing.

I have been a seller in www.upwork.com since 2016, however recently, when i tried to create a new account, i couldn’t pass the editors review due to the fact that they don’t want to allow just too many sellers in my niche. This is understandable because they are doing everything possible to avoid competitive pressure and underpayment of their hardworking sellers. Should this approach be implemented on Fiverr? I would say YES. But then, would they listen to our suggestions? Let’s just hope they do something about the excessive competition in all the niches.

Imagine the logo design niche boasting of over 10,000 sellers. This is ridiculously huge, and not the best. Offering to design 5 logos for $5 is not the way to go. However, the sellers are not the one to blame because they too need to make sales and earn some money. The whole issue is as a result of Fiverr’s inability to regulate the amount of sellers allowed in every niche. I hope they will do something about the extreme competition very soon.

Apart from the logo design niche, another extremely competitive niche is the writing niche. Nowadays sellers offer to write up to 2500 words article for $5 all in the name of getting sales. Heaven forbid. As for me, i won’t go too low because of the competition. Instead, i will go extra mile to make myself unique. Amazingly, i am still one of the few sellers who never go too low in the name of getting sales.

This is a serious issue and i am not making jest of those who work extra hard to earn $4 per sale. Far from it! I am strongly advocating for better pay for every project completed. This is not very easy to achieve, however if everyone has a way to overcome the competition, chances are they’ll be able to scale up without affecting the influx of orders. So today, let’s address how to overcome the extreme competition without going too low.

Before i reveal one of my four approaches, let me quickly state some of the reasons why you might not be able to overcome the competition.

1. You don’t have your own idea. One of the reasons why i don’t train people on any particular skill is because i don’t want too many people to replicate the same thing. However, even if i don’t, so many people are doing it. It is very common among the fiverr trainers. They train you to signup and start offering article writing. If that’s the exact thing you do without applying your own idea, you’re likely to get stuck in competition.

2. You don’t develop yourself. Many people fail to acquire the right skills needed for them to excel in their niche. They’re very comfortable with the lowest selling price. If you’re in this category, you most likely won’t be able to beat the competition because there are thousands of people like that.

3. You rely solely on software. Some of the people who will forever remain susceptible to competition are those who rely solely on software. These sets of people can’t think of anything without using software. Trust me, if your whole effort is based on using software, you will have to struggle with several other people who use the same software.

4. You are more interested in the money. The majority of people that are causing the extreme competition are those who joined in the name of making money fast. These people can duplicate pretty much anything just for them to earn the $5 and get away. If you don’t look beyond the money, you will continue to struggle with several other people who are in your category.

5. You are not sure of yourself. Sadly, most people succumb to competition because they are not very sure if they can overcome it. Trust me, you’ve got to trust your ability in order to beat the competition and become relevant in your niche. If you can develop yourself and build a better portfolio, you won’t have to go too low no matter how competitive the niche is.

How to gigs on fiverr

Like i said in one of the previous paragraphs, i have four approaches to this, and i will discuss one of them.

Fiverr is rapidly evolving, and several updates are being released. Some updates favor the hardworking sellers, while some favors the amateurs. Some updates make it extremely difficult for some people to get orders. However whatever the update is, one thing is sure – your gig ranking will improve if you acquire more positive reviews and get more orders within a month. So how do we go about that?

This time you need to build stronger relationship with your trusted clients. You need to offer them more values, and tell them you’ll be needing their help. Don’t worry, telling them is fine as long as they trust your work.

So, what you need to do is simple. You’ll need to focus on getting more orders and reviews. To do that, you won’t be offering custom order to your returning clients. If you’ve been sending custom offer worth $100 or more, now you’ll want them to place order on basic gig until the complete they $100.

To encourage your clients, you can offer them $10 off. With this technique, you will acquire more reviews and fiverr algorithm will pick up your gig because of the many orders. When you get more orders on a regular basis with outstanding reviews, fiverr will definitely push your gig to the top because they also want to earn more by helping you to get more orders.

I have been using this technique for a while and the result is really amazing. Note, this technique should not be applied for new clients. You should only ask your established clients for the favor.

I hope this helps you rank your gig and get more sales without needing to lower the price. Enjoy!