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I want to use this moment to write a short guide on how to buy fiverr reviews without getting banned or deleted. As you might know, buying reviews for your Fiverr gig is undoubtedly one of the best method to start your fiverr business. If you’re new to the platform, make sure you read my other articles about Fiverr before you start. I also encourage you to subscribe to my list before you start selling, so that you can learn some tips and secrets about Fiverr.

How Fiverr Detects Fake Review.

Did you know that Fiverr now detects fake reviews? Yes, they have upgraded their algorithm and now they can easily detect fake review and remove. In fact, they don’t just detect it, they also remove it.


They track the traffic source and the purchasing behavior. This method is the exact thing i use to track every single activity that occur in my website.

Now let me explain better.

If you create your gig now, it will take some hours before it will appear in fiverr search. However, if you went ahead to place order when the gig has not been visible in search, Fiverr will detect and the review will be removed.
They detect it be adding some strings to the URL. The string makes it easy for them to know where the buyer is coming from.
So, if you just tell someone your username and ask them to go and write review, you might end up loosing the review.

How To Do It Right

1. After creating your gig, close the browser and use another browser to open fiverr. Make sure you’re not logged in.
2. Search for your username or enter it in the address bar like this https://www.fiverr.com/yourusername.
3. Once you see your profile, click on it.
4. Click on the gig you want to buy review for and copy the URL from the address bar.
5. Share the URL on social media or just anywhere you like.
6. Ask someone to go and click your gig link from the place you share it. E.g, if you share the gig on Facebook, ask the person to go and click on it from facebook.
7. Tell the person to contact you politely, and make sure you reply maybe after 1 or 2 hours.
8. After responding to all the conversation, ask the person to go ahead and place order.
9. Wait for 20 hours and deliver the gig.

Note: Make sure you deliver something related to what you do and what you discuss with the person.

10. Tell the person to write review after 12 hours that you’ve delivered the gig.

DONE! you’ve now purchase review that look 100% legal.

Why Logout Before Copy The URL?

It will prevent fiverr from tracking your activity, making it impossible to know if you’re whether you manipulate or not.

Why Share On Social Media?

Fiverr will look at it as if you’re promoting your gig. And they will think that the buyer see your gig on social media or anywhere that he/she clicks from.