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Traffic gigs on Fiverr are numerous. A buyer on Fiverr, seeking web traffic services, will have no problem picking one out of the many sellers on the site willing to drop one more positive review.

But from a careful study, I discovered that fiverr traffic gigs with 100% customer reviews are thin on the ground. Now I am not saying that these guys are the only ones who know what they are doing in this niche, rather they are the few who have painstakingly maintained a spotless record in doing what they know best.

1. Adsensewizard


an exceptional level 2 seller, tops the list with his 100% rating from 7,208 customers who were happy to give him a positive review of 5.0. He definitely has been keeping to his part of the deal when he wrote, “I will send super targeted traffic to your site or blog for $5”. The amazing thing about his gig is that despite the fact that he has made a name for himself, his service is incredibly pocket friendly. And did I mention that at the time of this study, he has 69 orders in queue? Why not get on this legendary waiting list now before the door closes? Lol.

Trafficnseo, true to his username, is another talent with a flawless record. He has completed and delivered 490 orders as at the time of this study and has impressively maintained a 100% rating from all of them! I suspect his secret is hidden in his words, “I will deliver country specific true website traffic for $5.” This offer allows the buyer to choose where he wants his traffic to come from. Why not utilize this empowering opportunity to improve your sales?


Ritzanalex03 a budding enthusiast. Though his customers so far, are few, he qualifies for this recognition as he has maintained a 100% rating. His commitment in keeping his words, “I will drive USA targeted website, traffic, visitors for $5” has paid off in keeping curious buyers satisfied. He has successfully completed and delivered 24 orders and at the time of this survey, has 5 more orders in queue. Will Ritzanalex03 still be able to maintain this record with his growing customers? Find out now!

And there is the roll call of those who made the cut. The others are also good but then, on a starry night, our eyes tend to notice the brightest stars, right? The ball still remains in your court but for the record, these are the fiverr traffic gigs with 100% customer reviews!

You may want to seek our professional advice about web traffic before purchasing traffic for your website. While we take time to conduct the research and provide the best results, we do not guarantee that these sellers will deliver the best results for you.