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Fiverr SEO sellers are some of the top earning sellers since the launch of fiverr in 2010. These people are making decent money just by providing different SEO services such as on-page optimization, backlinks, blog ping, sitemap creation, web 2.0 page creation, and so on. If you have a blog or a website, you definitely would want your contents to appear on Google’s first page all the time. A lot of people are competing for the first page by investing on SEO. You may ask yourself who are the people doing SEO for those websites that appear on Google’s first page? The answer is what you’re about to read in this article.

There are thousands of SEO providers on Fiverr, however not all of them can deliver quality work. I personally have purchased a couple of SEO gigs for my clients and not all of them work the way i want. If you’re looking for good SEO provider, make sure that you read the honest feedback and choose quality over quantity.

For those people who think that fiverr is all about $5 services, and that sellers are not making decent money, these SEO sellers have disproved your thought by making more than $1000 everyday. There are many of them, but i have limited the list to just 5 people who are doing exceedingly well. In fact, these people are earning more than some bankers.

1. Crorkservice: If you’ve been patronizing SEO sellers on fiverr for some time you might have seen Crorkservice‘s gig showing as a suggestion. These sellers (actually two people) are amazing. The amount of orders on queue are just too many. I have been patronizing them for the past six months and i can boldly say that their daily orders are between 100 and 500. If each order is worth $4 (after taking out fiverr’s commission) and they have 100 orders per day, their earnings would be $400. However, you can’t calculate everything as $4 because some of their quality work cost more than $50. So this profile is one of the fiverr SEO sellers that earn more than $1000 per day. Crorkservice is a top rated seller from Moldova. One of her top selling gigs has about 30,000 ratings, making it one of the most rated gigs on Fiverr.


2. Youngceaser: This is another top rated seller in the SEO category. The seller is from Bulgaria, and one of his best selling gigs has about 19,000 ratings. The average daily orders are between 100 and 500. Like the first seller, their top quality service is worth between $50 and $250. This seller is earning big on fiverr, and it would be wrong for me to compile a list of sellers that make more than $1000 per day without talking about him.


3. Volarex: The third seller on my list is an SEO consultant from Indonesia. Like the previous sellers, Volarex is also a top rated seller. As at the time of writing this post, her daily orders are between 100 and 500. She has more than 28,000 ratings, and her top selling gig has about 210 orders on queue. If you calculate the earnings using the basic $4, her daily earnings would be around $800. However, the average selling price is $10.


You can check the sellers by clicking on their username.

Note that i do not recieve commission to write for any of the sellers. I picked them because they are doing pretty well and earning big on Fiverr. You can read their profile and learn more about them.

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