You’re here because you were looking for Fiverr Google AdWords experts. I have make this list very specific by giving special attention to the sellers from the USA. The Fiverr you knew in 2012 has emerged. Nowadays, you can hire professionals on Fiverr to do pretty much all the digital services you need without visiting the nearby digital marketing agencies that charge thousands of dollars to fix common issues.

Website owners can’t tell all the headache and stress they experience in supplying real human traffic to their websites. It is a common knowledge that the lack of sufficient traffic to a website makes it to be engulfed in the vastness of the internet.

On Fiverr, services promoting the “health and wellbeing” of websites abound – ranging from web traffic, seo, Google AdWords, article writing etc. Here, sellers work extra to make money from this highly lucrative niche, and this has incited the curiosity to find out the performance of these sellers, specifically on a nationality basis.

The Fiverr Google AdWords experts from the USA are comparatively few. As a matter of fact, the first US Google AdWords seller found by as at the time of writing this article is a level two seller. Without much ado, let us see who these US sellers are. Just a glance at the first 5 will do.

1. SEOFanatics is amazingly amazing. He remains one of the top Google AdWords sellers on Fiverr. His popular gig is among the top gigs in the search results. As at the time of writing this article, his bestselling AdWords gig has 210 positive reviews. His overall rating is 98% from 300+ reviewers.


Here’s the excerpt from his bestselling gig:

I am a Google AdWords expert and i will help you create, improve, setup and/or optimize your campaign for optimum conversion.With my help you can get instant traffic and more leads!

“5 Important Things I will Help You Achieve:

  • Understand your market and how to reach them.
  • Know what to do to make your landing page the best.
  • Know the right keywords for your campaign.
  • Know who your top competitors are.
  • Get expert help anytime.



2. Flight1188 ranks next with his 113 deliveries on a 99% review. A level 2 seller who is particular about the quality of his services, I guess his $85 starting rate confirms that he exchanges value for money. He says, “I will set up an effective Google AdWords account” and he means it. Below is the except from his bestselling gig:



You’ve Landed Here Because You Need To Drive Traffic To Your Site. More Than That You Expect To Achieve Some Goal By Advertising With AdWords.

Whether You Want Web Users To Find You On Google Search Results Or You Want To Create Awareness & Brand Yourself… I Can Definitely Help Drive Relevant Traffic.

Your account will be in the hands of a certified Google Partner.

Some Benefits by choosing this service:
Bring relevant traffic to your site so you do not waste money on irrelevant traffic

Visit this guy’s gig page and order his service.

3. Logank619, a strategist, who believes in the power of trimming down competition to open up more opportunities and enhance your standing. He says, “I will do PPC research two competitors.” and that’s what he does. He already has 28 people who were interested in this strategy and whose orders he has completed and they rate him on 99%. Are you also interested? Go here.

4. Missgraphic joins the train and is already making it with 19 already completed orders and her back-patting 98% rating. She boasts of her insistence on quality and professionalism. She says, “I will design 6 PROFESSIONAL banner ads,” and it isn’t hype. She has good customer service record and is at your service here

5. Maren_martin strongly believes that google adwords certification is the way to go, for potential digital marketing giants. She is obviously new in this niche with 100% rating from 3 orders. Meet her here

These talents are proudly the Fiverr Google Adwords experts from the USA. They are good at what they do – and are worth a try!