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Looking for logo design gigs on Fiverr with 2,000+ reviews is like looking for sand on a sea shore. To my amazement and astonishment, I discovered that looking for logo designers on Fiverr with 2,000+ reviews is an insult to that niche in general. This is because 2,000+ reviews is way too low a range to associate with a niche with super selling sellers who have garnered over 25,000 reviews.

I am already overwhelmed with excitement, that I want to go ahead and introduce these exceptional, hardworking, talented, outstanding freelancers are. Since there so many in the niche with 2,000+ reviews, this article will focus on the BEST logo design on fiverr with 2,000+ reviews. I guess there’s not much insult in it anymore.

Antonclevela97 leads the pack with 28,098 amazing reviews and an unbeatable “waiting list” of 199 orders! I was wondering how this seller could possibly complete and deliver all these orders without falling behind schedule – not to mention more orders that drop in by the day – until I saw that the account is managed by a group of 30 designers. 30 Indonesian designers ready and willing to give you top-notch service in logo design. This is their offer: “I will design 2 STUNNING Logo bonus Free Editable File,” so get your $5 and seal a deal with them



who describes himself as “the secret ninja of logo design and other graphics,” has completed a jaw dropping total of 35,583 orders! You see why 2,000+ reviews is way too low to refer to Fiverr logo designers? And the amazing thing about it all is that he has a 97% average rating from all 35,583 orders. But then when I think of it, I think I have discovered his secret; it is hidden in this statement: “I provide super gigs with super deals.” Now, I have told you about the gig, get your own deal

Bossdesigners is committed to, “… design 2 amazing logo in 24 hours with free vector files.” I have confirmation of this from 9,459 of his clients who endorsed him with a 97% rating. This account is actually managed by more than one person and they want you to choose their service amongst all other logo design gigs on Fiverr, because they are going to make you say, “wow” when you see the results. Say it

Srishet123 assures you that much love, care, commitment along with over 10 years’ experience in logo design are crafted into every logo. How touching. This must be one hell of a meticulous designer who pays much attention to detail. I’m not surprised that he stands on a 97% rating after delivering 22,207 orders. Such work schedule can take its toll on the people involved therefore, Srishet123 decided to treat himself to a nice vacation. He is currently on vacation as at the time of this study and will be back in 6 days. So go here, and check if this amazing Fiverr logo designer is back.



quite the creative designer, is also on full steam ahead in the Fiverr logo design niche. He has served 22,698 clients and they were satisfied to rate him at 97%. 79 more orders are already waiting on his desk to be cleared. Ei8htz is Indonesian and with his 11 years’ experience in logo design, he always has recommendation for his clients. He looks forward to working with you. Give him a shot

Actualreviewnet wakes up to logo design every day and has been helping small businesses around the world through this means. He says, “I will design 3 awesome and professional logo design concepts for your business.” His excellence in completing 22,405 orders and a complementing 98% rating, shot him up to the top rated seller level. He has 111 more orders to complete and promises to logos with nice contrast and color balance, with no amateurish design. So pay $15 and add your order to his to-do list

We have been able to see amazing performance and obvious expertise in these best logo design gigs on Fiverr with 2,000+ reviews. I duff my cap to their commitment to excellent service. These guys are clearly working extremely hard to maintain such good customer record. Their consistency is worth celebrating. Go on to their pages and “celebrate” them too.