How many backlink gigs have you purchased on Fiverr without seeing a single result? Are you among the desperate buyers who patronize the 50,000 GSA, Panda safe and other related backlink gigs on Fiverr? Oh really, you have purchased a couple of them. Have you been able to dominate Google and outrank Wikipedia as the sellers usually promise? You said NO. But, why? Continue reading…

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Understanding how backlinks work

Backlink is not the only factor that determines how search engines will treat your web pages. While everyone believes that backlink plays important roles in search engine ranking, it is wise to note that backlink (spamming) can also lower your rank. In fact, Google doesn’t put much weight on backlinks like before. Nowadays, you don’t need to build thousands of irrelevant backlinks in order to rank your website.  You only need quality links from relevant and authority websites. You need backlinks that can drive traffic to your website directly from the source.

So, if you’ve been purchasing those huge backlink gigs just because you want to dominate the entire first page of Google, you need to get this into your head. Now let’s look at the best fiverr gigs for backlink for websites.

Which backlink gig is the best?

There are thousands of backlink sellers on Fiverr; however unfortunately, not all of them understand how it works, and the damages it can cause to your website. One of the major reasons why so many sellers provide backlink service is because they can easily deliver the gig using some software. Even if you don’t know how SEO really works, you can still use tools to deliver your backlink gig. So, for those of you who have been purchasing backlinks aggressively, you need to understand how it works and which gig you should buy. Highlighted below are some of the things you should consider before buying a backlink gig.

spam blog comment

spam blog comment

  • The method used. Undoubtedly, automation is the most convenient method to deliver a backlink gig. But for me, I would prefer to hire someone who can do manual backlink for me. Those who use software to spam WordPress blogs usually deliver fake results. For instance, comments on my blog are placed on hold until they pass my approval. So if a seller posts a spam comment on my blog and deliver the link to you (the buyer), you just succeeded in wasting your time and money because I will delete the spam immediately. The image above shows the amount of spam comments i blocked on my website each day. Funny enough, the seller will assume that he/she has delivered the gig.
  • The amount of backlink promised. How on earth will someone deliver 1,000 manually published backlinks for $5? The competition is fierce and many sellers promise to deliver ridiculously huge backlinks for $5. If you’re looking for a genuine backlink seller, try to buy the realizable gigs.
  • The content. Are they going to start posting those annoying comments such as; WOW nice job, thanks for posting, I like it, and the likes on random blogs? Find out what the content would be before you purchase the gig.
  • Relevancy. It is better to have 20 highly relevant backlinks on authority websites than to have 10,000 on irrelevant and junk websites. A lot of backlink sellers have hundreds of free WordPress blogs for this purpose. They usually generate hundreds of free WordPress blogs, post one of two articles on the blogs and start spamming posting backlink on the blogs. Of course, they don’t need to approve the comments before they go live. Make sure you take note of this.

Reliable backlink gigs

As usual, I will list some of the reliable backlink gigs I’ve come across on Fiverr. I know they are good because I understand their techniques quite well. Lest I forget, I am very good when it comes to manual SEO, competitor analysis and keyword research.

  1. Manual blog commenting – anyone offering realistic manual blog commenting can deliver quality backlink for you. They usually deliver few backlinks, but worth more than those who deliver 1,000s of junks. Their backlinks are 100% relevant, and can drive traffic to your website from the source.

Here are some manual blog commenting backlink I found on Fiverr.

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  1. Guest post – this is one of the best methods to build quality backlinks to your website. The problem with this method is that most of the authority websites do not accept guest post. However, if you can find some good websites that accept guest post, it will help your website to rank high on search engine and get real traffic from the source. Below are some of the guest post gigs I found for this purpose.

These are some of the best fiverr gigs for backlinks for websites. While diligent efforts were made to make sure that this article is accurate, the gigs may be removed or modified by Fiverr or the sellers at any time. I encourage you to use the information in this article to find the best gig for your website.

But wait; why not allow me to outsource the best gig for you? It will save you time and cost you less money to get the best results. Kindly contact me if you need my assistance.