It’s no new saying that your health is your wealth and the priority you give to it determines your general welfare, the flip side which often distasteful is that there is no perpetual cure to sickness as nature has done it to occur and reoccur but adherence to the hygienic rules can save your hand from your purse or wallet in buying drugs or medicine mostly at avoidable circumstances. In contributing to maintaining fairly stable health condition, have decided to promote without any mutual gain the well-stocked pharmaceuticals store in Ikoyi and its environ. The goal is not to relegate any pharmaceutical stores but rather aim to serve the populace the best and well-stocked pharmaceuticals store in Ikoyi where your soul will have the best refuge it could ever dream off.


4Tee pharmacy can be said as to be “arsenal of drugs” in terms of different kind of medicine and drugs with zero tolerance to illicit or unwanted type in Nigeria as banned by the regulatory bodies. It is situated at suite 51, Dolphin Plaza, Corporation Drive, Dolphin Estate Ikoyi, Lagos or you can reach them on (+234) 70 3501 3287. Their service covers drug distribution, Medical consultants and Selling drugs. For those that might have interest in getting the whole details, you can


It is only when you get there that you can attest to their company’s name, however, so that you will not so slobbered; the drug is fully decorated with the variety of drugs but locally and imported but approved drugs. Their office is located at suite 22, Eti – Osa way, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. It is not far from the former store named above. You can ask for other things via their website which is


It is located at 168, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos. They are repeatable pharmaceutical store in Ikoyi with the abundance of different kinds of drugs, with absent occasion of selling expired products. They also partnered with clinics and hospitals to aid their selling with total abiding with prescriptions. You can reach them on 08170001325.


It has a long-standing pedigree in the field with a competent and certified pharmacist. Its store house drugs that millions of Naira both locally made and foreign types.  It is located at 138, Awolowo Road, Ikoyi. The atmosphere created for the drugs can convince one to buy from them with well aerated and cool conditions. They undergo a medical check before dispensing the drugs if not prescribe for the buyer, you can call contact them on (+234) 8142375998.

Frankly speaking, Ikoyi is blessed with pharmaceutical stores that spread across the nook and cranny of the area; but time will fail me to write about all of them. However, the chosen four are well stocked pharmaceutical stores in Ikoyi with a competent and certified pharmacist that readily available to attends to your complaints. If you can’t find your drug in any of the four, I advise that you seek help from abroad, considering the how equipped it is.