Yearly, Nigeria institutions churn – out pharmacy students of which there is no provision for them in the labour market not minding the “roadside learner” often referred to as quack from any drug sellers or pharmaceutical store. This has largely taken effect on the numbers of pharmaceutical stores around us and Agbara is not left – out as there are well stocked pharmaceutical stores in Agbara.

Considering their net – worth, accreditation, government – approval or license of operation, online presence, are few of the criteria to make the list. It is a general notion and sometimes erroneous that most stocked pharmaceutical stores harbour illicit and often gone beyond their boundary, however, It is needful to state that the writer is oblivious of any act of illegality that might be surreptitiously practiced by any of this store if at there is one. Unfortunately, most hearsays are baseless and hoax premised on tarnishing the hard-earned image of these stores.

Having cleared the air and smoothen the edges, it is safe to mention well stock pharmaceutical stores in Agbara. Attention will be focused on the well stock pharmaceutical stores because there are more than needed pharmaceutical stores in Agbara due to factors highlighted above. Here are the selected stores:


Historically, it is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in year built in 1954. Actually, it is saddled with the responsibility of conducting researches on drugs and medicine with the goal of ensuring safe and effective medicines and nutraceuticals but it has successfully spread the tentacles into production and selling of drugs at wholesale price. It is located at Km 32, Lagos – badagry Expressway, Agbara Industrial Estate. It has been long approved by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). Interestingly, the company has stuck with the same vision she had from the outset without becoming cloudy, in fact, it deserves applause. Most of the regular visitors are chemists, pharmacists, and researchers, you can be one too.


Pharma Deko Plc is one of the surest companies in pharmaceutical products, Healthcare manufacturing, and consumable products. Their pharmaceutical products are 100% sure, certified and approved by National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) and free from malignant reactions if taken. Their company is located Km 32, Lagos-Badagry Expressway Agbara, Okene Close Agbara Industrial Estate, and Car Wash. Contact them via +2347028282806 or +23418754538.


Tofem Veterinary Services is located in Agbara-Badagry Expressway, Agbara. The company is mainly into Chemists and Pharmacy, Healthcare, Veterinary both drugs and vaccines and also into veterinarian consultancy services, veterinary animal services. Their service can be comprehensively put thus:

  • Healthcare
  • Chemists and Pharmacy
  • Veterinary in its entirety

Do you subscribe to the fact that your health is your wealth, if yes, treasure it by taking wholesome care of it. An unnoticed mosquito can become a point of reference in the hospital is left unchecked, therefore, never overlook any health challenge, get a drug from any of the above-listed pharmaceutical stores or others. It is cheap and affordable now than to be running from pillar to pole when it becomes debilitating. Value your health!!!